Your Home Office in Feng Shui — Attract Wealth Beyond your Dreams


Using Feng Shui Principles in your home office to get the money moving IN.  Simple and inexpensive ways to create the wealth you want, right from home.

More often then ever before,Your Home Office in Feng Shui  --  Attract Wealth Beyond your Dreams Articles I am getting calls from clients starting their own business, a home based business.  They want advice on Feng Shui Colors, furniture placement, renovations and many other aspects of the principles of Feng Shui because they are aware of the power of it can create and want to do everything possible to insure their new venture will be a success.As in any room in your home, your office space should be your own sanctuary.  It is essential to attract wealth to put your best organizational skills to work in this area to keep it neat and clean.  This is the room you’re going to be making money from so it is essential not to let the clutter build up here.  Knowing where everything is and being able to find it easily keeps our thoughts and mind clear.

We often relate the clutter around us to the clutter in our mind.  When we are surrounded by paperwork (the number one killer of home office spaces) we are not able to focus on the task at hand.  We become more easily distracted and work less quickly and efficiently.  Getting your work done in a minimum amount of time allows us to take those breaks without feeling guilty or dreading going back into “that room” to finish what we’ve started.

Keeping this room clear and flowing also allows room for new wealth to come in.  When our environment is already filled, the universe stops sending us new things.  We believe that is why it’s essential to let go of the old; we want to focus our attention into allowing all the new things that were meant to come our way into our lives.

So if you’re just starting off, keep a few simple Feng Shui rules in mind:

Choose delightful colors to surround yourself with.  Color has such a profound impact on us that I doubt many people are aware of it.  If you are likely to spend a lot of time here, choose colors that are warm and remember to add life force to this area.  Plants or fresh flowers are wonderful for this; they enhance the energy in our space and therefore enhance the energy in our bodies enabling us to work better and more efficiently.

Keep it clean and organized.  No cheating in this area.  With the wonderful organizational tools at such places as Staples and Office Max, there is no reason why you can’t find file cabinets to fit your needs and other tools to prioritize them.  The investment you make at these stores or others like them will be well worth it, I promise you!

Hang a small crystal by your computer.  Crystals do many things for us and the energy in a space, in this case we are using it to promote clarity.  When we think faster and work faster we are likely to leave more room for new ideas and inspiration to come in.  And we are not bogged down all day trying to think of something, the thoughts are more likely to just flow in.

Put pictures of loved ones and small things from home in your space.  They surround us with love and we remember why we are working at all.  The feelings that emanate from loved ones make us feel supported even when they are not around physically.  In other words, bring some of your home into your office. 

Remember to bagua your desk.  It’s a small space to work with, I know, but it can be done easily and very inexpensively.  The back left of your desk is the area you want to activate for wealth.  If it’s not coming in, put something moving in that area with the intention to move wealth right into your life.  *Remember to remove this object when it does start to come in so that it doesn’t move right out again*

Think of tiny water fountains that use batteries, a small moving metal object that spins, even a growing but healthy, lush plant for this area.  And enhance the area with a purple ribbon or bow; this is the accent color we use for wealth. 

Look to the back right side of your desk; you’ve just located your relationship area.  A picture of you and your partner her (with a pink frame) would work well or any small, simple object with two like things. It can be a couple, two tiny pink candles, anything that you see and like. And it need not take up more then just a few inches of your space.

Directly under where you’re sitting is your career area.  You can put something under your keyboard if it’s located in this area or even under the desk, out of sight.  Use a business card framed by black construction paper and, if you like, adds to that your intentions on the card of what you wish to create for your business.  When you actually take the time to think about things and write them down, they become infused with your energy and make the changes more effective and powerful.

Finally, clear off the center of your desk every evening or after your work is done.  There is nothing worse then waking up to yesterday’s business and the center of our desk is our health area.  We need to keep this clean and clear so it doesn’t adversely affect our health or leave us feeling behind with any prior work we didn’t get to.  An organizer with three or four slots can help us a great deal.  Mark one as priority and if you’re unable to finish everything you’d like for the day, put it in this slot.

Setting up a home office space the right way the first time can help all of us who spend a lot of time at home working including the ever growing number of busy stay at home moms who are starting their own business as well as those of us who have moved from the “corporate” world into our own environments. Infuse your new area with Intention and the best energy and you will create the office of your dreams.

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