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As a homeowner you will inevitably have to ask yourself the following question:  should I repair it or replace it?  With some objects (small appliances,Where to Learn About Iron Bathtub Paint Articles inexpensive objects) the best thing to do is replace it.  With others (larger, expensive appliances, valuable items, etc) it is better to repair or refurbish the item.  The cast iron bathtub is one of those items.  Cast iron bathtubs can be very expensive but, more importantly, they maintain their structural integrity for decades. 

With some bathtubs, like those made out of enamel, it is easier to simply replace the tub.  With a cast iron tub, you will almost always want to do an iron bathtub resurfacing project.  But what if you don’t know anything about how to refinish bathtubs or iron bathtub paint?Your best bet, if you do not have experience in construction or home renovations is to hire a professional to do the job for you.  A professional can bring in a team and have your iron bathtub resurfacing project finished in an afternoon.  Some will even throw in the brand new iron bathtub paint job for free!  Of course, for some, the painting is entirely a separate process from that of refinishing a bathtub. 

Make sure you know what you are going to be paying for before you hire your contractor!If you want to take on the project yourself, you should learn everything you can about the process before you begin.  There are several ways that you can learn about iron bathtub paint and iron bathtub resurfacing:Refinish Bathtubs VideosThese videos can be found at your local library or even on the internet!  It is a good idea to watch the video all the way through at least once (twice is better) before you begin your project.  If you have a wireless internet connection you can continue to watch  each part of the video as you get to that part of your project.  Just take care to protect the computer. 

You don’t want it to get damaged in the iron bathtub resurfacing process.BooksYou can buy books about iron bathtub paint projects or books that teach readers how to refinish a bathtub. 

The trick is finding the book that is best for you and your learning style.  Take your time and look through several books before choosing one to buy.  You can also check out these books from the library but if the book gets damaged during your project you could be facing hefty fines!ClassesMany of the larger home improvement stores offer weekend or evening classes on projects just like yours. 

Visit the customer service desk at your local home improvement or home and bath store and ask if they have classes that will teach you about iron bathtub paint and iron bathtub resurfacing.  Even if the store itself does not offer you a class, the customer service agent might be able to point you to a class that takes place somewhere else.There are plenty of ways to learn about iron bathtub paint.  You could also hire someone to do the iron bathtub resurfacing project for you. 

The choice is yours!

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