What to Look For in a “Green” Home


In case you are an owner of a certified green house, it is certain that your property shall command a premium over and above the market price. Most buyers looking out for a house shall consider themselves lucky if they were to find a green house. Green Houses are in vogue. These houses are eco-friendly and consist of a host of features and equipment which make them energy efficient and help in conservation of energy. The most significant advantage that accrues to the owner of a Green House is in terms of reduced monthly power bills. As a person who is into home hunting, it is important for you to understand the various things that you would look out for in a Green Home. Read on for various utilities, equipment and accessories which shall help you in identifying a Green Home and building the same

– Choose a house which is closer to public transportation hub. This shall reduce your dependence on private transportation and help you contribute towards reducing air pollution levels. Your dependence on using other means of transport shall help you keep both costs and pollution under control.
– Flooring is one of the most critical aspects that determine your energy requirements. Wooden flooring is a natural warmer and makes your rooms cozier in the winters. Avoid using carpets on the floor and go for floor tiling which would make the room look brighter and also help you get rid of those dusty carpets.
– The size and style of your window determines the extent of natural lighting that is available in the rooms. If the rooms receive sufficient natural light, your usage of artificial light shall reduce considerably and help you conserve electricity. Usually large sized double pane windows are more effective and easy to maintain.
– Lay emphasis on the right layout for your house. Typically bigger houses are more energy hungry. A house layout plays an important role in determining the amount of energy it needs for cooling as well as heating. Your house shall be a more comfortable place to stay in if layout is environment friendly.
– The location of your house should be away from sources of pollution like industries or agricultural farms. Pollution free environment would help you lead a healthy and peaceful life. Try and stay closer to green surroundings as close to nature as possible. There is no substitute for the fresh air that green surroundings bring with them.
– Landscaping is a wonderful value for money idea that enhances the appeal of your house. Make use of that special variety of grass to keep your lawns lush green throughout the year. Landscaping is a terrific idea of being as green as you like.

Living in a green house is a small little way of contributing to the society and fighting increased levels of pollution around us. It is more than merely being fashionable and a small way of making this place a better place to live.

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