What is Feng Shui ( 风水 ) ? Can prayer help you ?


The Feng Shui is good for your friend does not mean necessary good for you.

What is Feng Shui ( Î4 ) ?

Can Feng Shui help you financially?

Make you prosperous and healthy?

Can prayer help you?

1. Feng Shui is the Chinese ancient art of geomancy,What is Feng Shui ( 风水 ) ? Can prayer help you ? Articles calculation in term of elements combination such as water element, fire, earth, metal, and wind. Positive and negative energy, sun rise or sun set, north south east west and flow of water direction and position of trees and mountain landscaping.

2. Now you can see it s a very complex and complicated art.

3. According to the Feng Shui master, the above mentioned combination, the best is to suit your date of birth, plus the exact time and the place of birth are the important factors for calculation.

4. Therefore, the Feng Shui is good for your friend does not mean necessary good for you.

5. Actually the exact time of your birth and place already tell who you are and that is why good fortune teller and Feng Shui master are quite accurate.

6. Who you would be is primary depends on how you live your life and that is why I said again and again we must cultivate the mind. Our fate and destination is within our own hands.

7. In our modern rat race material world, many of us are greatly suffer from financial burdens and sicknesses due to our stress in work, not satisfaction in life and greedy, hatred, fear of losses and many unwholesome mental attitudes.

8. Due to our great suffering and thus everyone of us are trying to seek for solutions and hoping that to solve our financial problems or family relationship problems.

9. Kindly reflect deeply your suffering of financial or family relationship, is it caused by Feng Shui or our own doing?

10.  Thus many desperate suffering people rush in a blindly looking for Feng Shui masters.

11.  It is because of greed and foolish, some even think the higher the fee charge by the Feng Shui master, they will get good result or that Feng Shui master is good.

12.  Now we can see many Feng Shui masters use whatever commercial methods to promote themselves as great Gurus either in magazine, billboard or conducting classes.

13.  Due to the ignorant of majority, you can see many Feng Shui masters charge very high fee as high as USD 10,000 or USD 20,000 or USD 50,000.

14.  Some rich factory owners and businessmen are willing to pay as high as USD 100,000 per investigation.

15.  Now my question is, Can Feng Shui actually help you to change your luck with so much of money for the consultant fee?

16.  My next question is, do you have the luck and conditions to invite a good Feng Shui master as they are so many consultants out there?

17.  I like to share my answer below:-

18.  As you can recall my earlier article that “Mind is the Seeds” and therefore it is natural that when you plant good seeds you will be rewarded with good fruits.

Pay attention to these sentences

19.  You reap whatever you sow, this the law of nature and also it is natural that bees attracted to flower pollen ( honey ) and houseflies attracted to smelly shit.

20.  So now is very clear that your actions, speech and your thinking are the seeds, the main cause whether you get good results or bad results, rich or poor, broken family relationship or you are in harmony with everyone.

21. If you do not possess good personality and if you ignore to cultivate good personality and if you are an angry and hatred, not happy person. Definitely is YOU have created a bad energy ( chi ) in yourself.

22.  In this case, You would definitely attract many and various kinds of bad ( chi ) and it is impossible for you to attract either good energy or good Feng Shui masters, good people, opportunity for business, or real estate or resort for investment or a beautiful home for stay.

23.  Therefore it is pointless and wasting of time and money to seek for Feng Shui masters and hope either your financial and relationship problems can be solved.

24. I hope you understand my point clearly, it is only foolish, desperate, greedy and lazy people seek Feng Shui masters for solution.

25. The wise and the lucky people who read this article will definitely try their best to cultivate their own mind. Our own mind is the main source to build our own Feng Shui.

26.  The smart and the lucky one would definitely cultivate the mind in bodily actions, speech and right thinking for the benefit of oneself and others.

27.  If you do not have the right conditions to attract wealth, and when you go out to look for Feng Shui masters, you would be inviting a poor or a bad Feng Shui masters end up you losing more money. This is the law of nature, nobody can change it.

28.  Let says you are a big boss and due to the economic downturn and you are very desperate to look for Feng Shui masters. Since you are a big boss and you can afford USD 100,000 or USD 200,000 to invite the so called world famous Feng Shui masters to study and investigate your miss fortune.

29.  I would tell you this master most likely would make some miss calculation during the process of investigation as I say earlier the Feng Shui art is a very complex subject.

30.  Even he do the right calculation, but the element of Feng Shui is always changing and not long lasting, not going to stay there permanently, therefore after a period of times, the good Feng Shui energy ( chi ) can change to “not so good” Feng Shui or even bad energy.

31.  We can say in this way, “whatever is meant for you, is yours; whatever is not meant for you, no point to chase after it and get it by force”.

32. It is better to cultivate your mind to have good personality in order to obtain good Feng Shui, then whatever you wish for can be fulfilled in the righteous way.

33.  Be very careful and be cautious of what I just shared above, I do not said and do not mean that our life destination and fate is fixed.

34.  In fact, I like to say our life and destination whether rich or poor, happy or not happy is within our own hands and within our reached, that is to cultivate our own mind, body , speech and thinking from this moment onward  and gradually towards higher purity and perfection.

35.  You might ask me and you might argue that some bad and greedy people have so much wealth, all I can say is these bad people in the past have done some good deeds, planted good seeds and now they are harvesting their fields.

36.  Today if what they did to you and to others were bad and evil ( most leaders and politicians in the world today are greedy and evil ) they will reap the fruits on what they have planted.

37.  Follow the wise who teaches us and show us the ways to avoid sufferings, not the third class consultants for advise.

38.  Please be patience and cultivate the mind, No seeking for an easy way out, looking for some Feng Shui masters and hoping everything will turn fine or cheating and manipulating for a quick profits.

39.  I agree and accept the existent of Feng Shui. I also agree and accept the art of Feng Shui but how many good masters are they in this world today? And do you have the right conditions to meet these great masters?

40.   When you cultivate your own mind to be a SOURCE for good Feng Shui from now onward, you do not need a Feng Shui master anymore.

41.  When a person invited a Feng Shui master then suddenly become very rich, this rich guy will be rich even thought he did not invite the Feng Shui master when the conditions are ripe. As he is reaping the fruits of what he planted in the past.

42.  Similarly, if he had done a lot of bad things in the past such as cheating, stealing and manipulating, he would reap the bad fruits. NOBODY CAN SAVE HIM EVEN THE LORD BUDDHA AND THE LORD JESUS.

43.  In conclusion, in order to have a better future, a better tomorrow, a richer and a happy life, we must cultivate kindness, compassion, humble, gentle, generosity, patience, not giving up quickly, determination, perseverance, and to put effort to eradicate greed hatred, grudges, jealousy, envy and other unwholesome states of mind.

44.  Happy cultivating, start now my dear friends

45.   We ( you and me ) together cultivating our mind every moment, so that we can have a better world for life and for our future generation.


Can prayer help you?

Prayer calms your mind give you hope, give you life, and release you from mental worries and burdens.

The answer is yes, prayer can help you, and prayer is one of the skillful ways for mind cultivation.

We must do prayer frequently day and night, best with your lord compassion in you every moment.

Mindful of our prayer and delivery the compassion seeds whenever we interact with people through body speech and mind daily every single moment.

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