What is a snake plant and How does it purify the air?


The snake plant is a member of the Lily family. Another name for the snake plant is mother-in-law’s tongue.

Snake plants are the perfect choice for apartment dwellers; they have durability and can handle lighting issues. 

Snake plants are one of the most tolerant plants and can survive in many reverse growing conditions. Snake plants are hard to kill. It has a sword-like foliage design and is suitable for the forgetful gardener.

Air-purifying qualities

Snake plants also have amazing air purifying qualities. It is a superb air purifier and is perfect for indoor space. In a study performed by NASA,What is a snake plant and How does it purify the air? Articles it is clear that this plant removes toxins like formaldehyde, xylene nitrogen oxides, and toluene.  

These chemicals are found at workplaces or industries as plywood, aircraft plants, carpeting, automotive plants, shops printing and offices, paint makers and sellers, etc. It will be very beneficial to keep some snake plants around these areas.

Release oxygen

Plants convert a lot of carbon dioxide to oxygen at night that making them an ideal plant for your bedroom. If there is no airflow in your room then play 6 to 8 plants nearby. Generally, most plants uptake carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the daytime through photosynthesis. 

They uptake Oxygen and release carbon dioxide while respiration at night. But some plants like snake plants can perform a type of photosynthesis known as Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM). In this process, plants can uptake CO2 to minimize water loss. 

Snake plants open stomata at night In CAM photosynthesis. The plant needs CO2 at this time and it is stored in vacuoles as malate. Snake plants fight against Sick Building Syndrome and allergies. Snake plants absorb toxins from the air and release oxygen and moisture helps to lessen the airborne allergens. 

If you are suffering from an allergy then place some snake plants in your home. They are cheap and the best way to stay healthy. Snake plants also decrease the effect of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) where no specific illness can be identified. 

These symptoms appear in poor indoor air quality areas; they can cause nose, ear, throat, irritation, dizziness, itching, coughing, and nausea. They also can cause chest tightness, muscle aches, fatigue, and lack of concentration? These symptoms are not gone from a building very soon. 

If your building has no proper ventilation system then it does not distribute air chemicals from coffee machines, upholstery, carpet cleaning agents, and pesticides. The snake plant is a perfect remedy for SBS.

Low maintenance plant

Snake plants can tolerate negligence for some weeks. The sharp leaves and architectural shape give them a fresh look. They can handle your lack of attention and are easy to look after. It will give clean air to your home.

Snake plants take little space, can be placed anywhere, and can handle a long time without water. It is a tough succulent and a good starter plant for everyone; you can grow it indoors and outdoors as well.

Caring tips

Snake plant is known to cope with low and high light as well although it prefers bright light conditions. You can water it about every 2-3 weeks. Be aware while watering during the winter it prefers the dry side. Keep the plant moist but not wet. Clean the leaves irregularly to make them free from grease and dust. 

A snake plant is a succulent that stores water within its foliage. So there is no need to keep the soil damp. When the soil becomes dry then water it from spring to fall. But in the winter season watering is enough only once a month. Be aware of overwatering the plant as it can cause root rot.

Snake plant is considered one of the most popular air purifying plants with its attractive foliage and easy to grow nature. It absorbs poisonous gases in the air and releases oxygen during nighttime as snake plants fight from sick buildings Syndrome and have anti-allergic properties. 

It will give you a natural humid atmosphere. Some people consider snake plants to be bad Feng Shui plants. It is not true. It brings Feng Shui energy when you place it in specific areas of your home.

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