Walk in bathtub, reality and solutions


Walk in bathtub Lexington ky are specially manufactured for senior citizens, handicapped people and disabled persons.

This walk in bathtub helps to give them back their dignity and greatly helps to give them safety and long life. Walk in bathtub gives them independence and confidence. Some of the realities of senior citizens and their solutions are as follows.

Reality 1

Bathroom is the most unsafe and dangerous place in the whole home. Approximately eighty percent of elderly persons are in the nursing homes are there just because of complications from fall and slip associated injuries. Falls and slips in the standard and typical bathrooms are responsible for these dangerous injuries.


The walls of the walk in bathtub Lexington ky are high and this unit has a low entrance door that allow the users enter in the bathtub without requiring to lift their feet more than a some inches. This walk in bathtub has ADA grab bars these are placed in the walk in bathtub at appropriate place. And these grab bars give personalize stabilization all through the course of bathing. And this bathtub has a seat and anti skid surface as well.

Reality 2

Injury and sickness can economically destroy an old person’s savings and economically stability. Healthcare expenses are very high. And most of the long term insurance care companies are going under. These injury expenses can afford few senior citizens.


If you spend your money to purchase the walk in bathtub then you can save great amount of money. Walk in bathtub pays for itself. Even the most high quality and expensive or costly tub with a door Lexington ky can cost far less than a nursing home stay.

Reality 3

Most of the senior and elderly people suffer from some kind of injury and disease such as arthritis,Walk in bathtub, reality and solutions Articles diabetes, joint problem, cancer and many others. If these medical conditions are not treated these become dangerous and even these can short lift of elderly persons. Ache and uneasiness become more challenging.


Hydrotherapy gives hygienic, calm whole body massage and it can have really great impact on the elderly people heath. High quality, latest and expensive tub with a door Lexington ky provide the option of hydrotherapy. Study tells us that most people are more scared of being old than the death. You can overcome this problem by good exercise and positive attitude. Walk in bathtub helps to build the self confidence and positive attitude.

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