Vineyards For Sale – Comparison Shopping and Other Options


The first tine you say it aloud, say it very softly. “I have been looking at vineyards for sale.”

At first, your wife and family very strongly will suggest you seek professional help. Firm in your resolve, however, you will infer they mean “expert farm workers.” Then, your friends and colleagues will look askance at you, secretly resenting your visionary streak, commenting, “Yeah, right.” You will interpret their statements to mean “hey, good idea!” As you examine listings of vineyards for sale, you gradually will build the case for giving up your citified ways and taking-up farming. In fact, logic and economics are on your side.

Vineyards for Sale in Affordable Locations
If you seek a vineyard for sale “completely off the grid,” you can find amazing values in New Zealand and Argentina. In New Zealand, the people even speak a language that sounds quite a bit like Americans’ native tongue; in Argentina, your high school Spanish will get you started, and the rest will develop very quickly. You really require command of only one phrase– I cultivar uvas.

Closer to home, give serious, sustained consideration to vineyards for sale in Temecula, California. In the last two decades, the wine-making industry has spread across the Temecula Valley faster than tracts homes and strip malls did in the seventies. Because the valley enjoys exactly the right terrain and climate for growing premium varietal grapes, visionary vintners’ set-up shop there before the word spread. Even now, though, despite the fact that the word is out, you still can find extremely inexpensive, frighteningly fertile undeveloped land. The proceeds from the sale of your current home will more than bring in water and utilities and plant your first vines.

When your family and friends insist on taking your pulse and checking for fever, suggest some clever comparisons.

Compare Vineyards against Condos in Manhattan.
Looking at advertisements strictly according to price, and allowing that lower priced acreage may require substantial investment of “sweat equity,” you can find vineyards for sale as low as $219.000. Think about it for just a moment: $219,000? Where can you find a comparable value at just $219,000? A low-end tract home in southern California will cost you more than twice that price; you cannot even think about a farm in the heartland for a comparable price. Moreover, just for the sake of perspective, acknowledge you cannot buy a condominium in New York City for anything like $219,000.

Just for the sake of convincing yourself you really do want to move to the country and launch your own enterprise, ponder the New York condominium just a little longer. Yes, for “a little more,” you can find a one-bedroom Manhattan condo. “A little more” is a commonly used real estate phrase which here means approximately $100,000; but, hey, you get nearly 700 square feet, a full bath, and a functional kitchen. And although the location hardly rivals Fifth Avenue or Central Park, it is, very technically speaking, still Manhattan. If Nature called you to the vineyard, rest assured you will find wildlife here, too-plenty of small rodents and active insect life. And if you absolutely must indulge for passion for growing things, your one south facing window gets direct sunlight for more than an hour a day.

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