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“My success, part of it certainly, is that I have focused in on a few things.” -Bill Gates

Many financial experts believe that real estate values will reach their limit in the next five years. However, just because real estate values remain stable does not mean investors can not make a profit.

In building a real estate portfolio is it important to understand that profit can almost always be made locally and through residential property investments even if the price of large land acquisitions are dropping. Below are several useful tips of how to make sure you continue to make a profit off of real estate.

Understanding the Cycle. One key step to success in property investment is understanding the market cycle. Do the research and check the past performance of properties in the area you are considering investing in. This will help you get a better idea of whether or not you want to invest. It will also help you determine your potential profit.

In addition, you want to buy real estate before it becomes to pricey. You need to find areas which are up and coming and purchase land before other investors. When revitalization or redevelopment programs take effect and they need land, they will have to buy from you. Real estate values move in cycles. To determine where to buy property next take a look at last year cycle.

Market is Everything. You need to know and understand who you are buying profit for. Will the property be used for upscale lofts for young professionals, or will the land be resold for family residential housing. Will you be selling to short term vacationers or long term homesteaders. Knowing your market is extremely important in being a successful real estate investor.

Budget. Make sure you budget and track all your expenses. Do not spend more then you can afford, you may lose profit from defaulting on loans you can not pay off in a timely manner.

Costs. In your budget do not forget to include any real estate commission fees and charges. Shop around for agencies which offer the lowest fees coupled with the best quality.

Term Length. Are you interested in buying and flipping or are you looking for more long term growth. Remember real estate has a low liquidity. It takes time and effort to sell land or houses. Do not tie money up in real estate you are going to need to use within the next couple of years..

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