Use Home Staging to Give Your Home a Voice


When a person enters your house with the idea of purchasing it, the house needs to speak to that person. Home staging makes all the difference in what the house says when it speaks to the potential buyer. Potential home buyers need to feel a certain mood when they walk into a home. Dress your home to appeal to any buyer. Home staging needs to show a buyer–“this home will be great for you!”

Due to the fact that everyone does not have the same preferences, neutral colors can be used to appeal to just about anyone. Colors play a large role in setting a calm mood. A stunning focal point can play an even bigger role in setting a mood. If you have a breathtaking view, draw the customer’s eye toward that view with your arrangement of furniture. Don’t cover up the window that displays the wonderful view. A large window can make the buyer feel relaxed because it gives the home a more open feeling. Soft fabric like silky material, and simple, soft window curtains can give the room a calming effect also.

When a professional home staging artist finds a bonus room in a home he knows exactly what to do with it. Office areas are an appealing use of a bonus room–usually in fairly large houses. Sometimes a bonus room needs to be converted into a formal dining area or a den to give the home more living space–especially in a small house.

Now, let’s talk about the lighting in a room. Home staging must include adequate lighting. If a house looks dark, the potential buyer may assume you are attempting to hide something. First of all, don’t cover any windows with tall furniture or heavy dark drapes that keep the natural sunlight out. Sunlight can give a feeling of warmth to a room that is welcoming to a buyer. Some areas need dimmer of elegant lighting as in a formal dining room. Decorative lighting is nice over a dining room table or sconces are beautiful along the walls of a dining room or hallway. Recess lighting is great in a kitchen area. This area is one that requires bright light as does a bathroom area. Note that a well lit room appears and feels larger. Dim lights are great to accent walls that have exquisite paintings or wall decorations.

Clutter is a major problem when a person is attempting to sell his home. If a buyer has to kick his way through your home, this will leave a nasty taste in his mouth. That simple, wide open look gives the room a non- cluttered feeling. Sometimes the smallest, most inexpensive changes can say welcome to this home. You don’t always have to do high end redecorating or remodeling in order to sell a home. Many times drapery, wall coloring, tables, lamps, rugs, flower arrangements, and other inexpensive items make a world of difference in the appearance of your house. Also, a little elbow grease can make a difference in home staging. However, if there are unfinished projects, this does speak to the potential in a negative tone. It tells the buyer that there is a lot of work to be done in order to make the house suitable to move into. People like homes that are ready to move into. So, fix those little things that need to be repaired–things like a leak in the ceiling, uncovered plug-ins, paper falling or torn off the wall, and tattered areas or stained areas in the carpet, just to name a few. Remember that the idea of home staging is to appeal to the buyer.

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