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A garage is a very vital area in any house since it used to store some of your very prized possessions; your car,Types of Garage Doors Articles your hardwood tools, etc. And the most important thing about the garage is the garage door, not only for aesthetic purposes but also in terms of functionality. If you’re building or renovating your garage, there are a few things you need to know about garage doors to help you make the right choice considering your own requirements & space limitations& of course, the length of your driveway. The most important thing you need to know is that there is more than one type of garage door. There are different types for you to choose from according to what you need. Roller Doors:These are great for garages with space issues or if your driveway is narrow or short. They are made from narrow aluminum strips that, when the garage door opens, wrap around a steel drum. There is no swing space needed & there no overhang in these type of doors.

Controlled by a remote control that you can use from inside your car, you don’t need to step out of the car to open the garage door. Sectional Doors:Much like the roller door, this type of garage door also does not need any swing space. Made with wider sections of aluminum, the sections retrace one by one & align against the ceiling of the garage, without the door protruding outside the door-frame, also ideal for houses with narrow/short driveways or space limitations. Retractable Doors:These garage doors are single panel & best for longer, wider driveways. The door, when opening, swings outward & then slides up, & aligns itself along the ceiling of the garage with the help of latches. They are fairly easy to install, having tracks along the ceiling to support the door when it is opened.

But the car needs to be parked a few feet away from the garage door in order to save it from being hit & the bumper or so being damaged by the doors swing. Canopy Doors:Pretty much the same as the retractable door, this type of door also swings outwards when opening, but not as much. But unlike the retractable door that slides completely into the garage, one third of the canopy door hangs outside the garage. Once again, you need to park your car a few feet away from the garage to give the garage door swing space. Good for longer driveways. Side Hinge Doors:A very traditional type of door, they are hinged to the sides of the garage & open outwards. Of course, there needs to be a lot of room for the clearance, otherwise this could be the worst choice. Crafted in timber, they can be beautifully made & enhance the aesthetic appeal of a garage. & also a great choice if you don’t have space in your garage for the other up & over types of garage doors available in the market.

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