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What sounds more appealing: Generic rooms devoid of grace and charm or boutique hotel in Bangkok which have all the facilities of a five star hotel while costing less than a three star hotel in countries like the United States? People who come to Thailand’s capital often make the mistake of assuming that cheap equals low quality. Others believe that they will receive royal treatment from the average Thai hotel but soon realize to their cost that things don’t quite work that way. Instead of the luxury they seek,Guest Posting they are disappointed to find hotels that are virtually the same as back home, albeit considerably cheaper. What they don’t realize is that upgrading to boutique hotels in Thailand costs far less than they think.


When you think about the average hotel, what facilities do you expect? More importantly, what level of service are you prepared for? Standard Thai hotels give you little more than tea and coffee making facilities while offering room service during set hours only. In comparison, boutique hotels in Thailand offer 24 hour room service. The rooms contain wide screen plasma televisions, cable, internet facilities, an electronic safe, DVD player and much more. It’s not unusual for a standard boutique room to be a whopping 25 square meters in size which dwarfs a standard hotel room. You can also expect first class laundry services and transfers to and from the nearest airport. Boutique hotel in Bangkok take their customers very seriously.


Another problem with traditional hotels is the lack of view. In some cases, a hotel will have a great view from the front while guests in the back rooms are treated to a view of the hotel’s garbage disposal unit! With boutique hotel in Bangkok, the view is fabulous 360 degrees around the building. Take the boutique hotel in Bangkok for example. It overlooks the Chao Phraya River which sparkles like a jewel in the Bangkok background. The hotel itself is a refurbished mansion and is surrounded by picturesque scenery. It’s rare to find such calm in the midst of one of the world’s most vibrant cities.


Although a hotel’s appeal lies mainly in what can be found on the premises, its proximity to urban areas and tourist attractions is one of the keys to its success. Again, the boutique Hotel in Bangkok rises to the occasion. Being close to the Chao Phraya River means that the hotel is also within a stone’s throw of Bangkok’s famous downtown region. Boutique hotel in Bangkok are forever locked in a battle for supremacy with their chain counterparts and need to remain close to the city centre in order to attract more guests. Guests in the boutique hotel in Bangkok will be close to sights such as the National Museum and the Grand Palace.

Boutique hotel in Bangkok deserve a higher level of attention than they are currently receiving. They are on a mission to improve the standard of accommodation offered to guests and charge prices that are affordable to the average tourist. Take a chance on a boutique hotel and you’re guaranteed to have the vacation of a lifetime.

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