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Raksha Bandhan is more than a festival that strengthens the brother and sister’s love for each other. Sending rakhi gifts to brothers is a common ritual that has been practiced for a long time.No matter if your brother stays in the USA or any other place abroad, it’s possible to send rakhi to USA with just a few clicks. 

It is celebrated in abroad as well with the same joy that we commonly see in the millions of hearts in India. Your brother might be abroad for whatever reason. But after having a designer rakhi in his hands,Trending Designer Rakhi Options for Today's Brothers Articles his mind will cherish the time he has spent with you in the family.

The rakhi on the wrist reminds every brother to make his sister feel secured. If the need arises, he should step out to save herself in difficult times. Apart from the lovely emotions attached to the rakhi, it has to be a trending one to make the occasion more special:

1. Charm RakhiEver heard about charm rakhis before? They are the latest furore in the market and put a smile on every brother’s face with their charming looks. The most appreciated type of charm rakhi is the Feng Shui type. It’s one of the newest sensations in Rakhi Bazaar. This rakhi is said to bring good luck to the brothers due to its cosmic effects. Probably, this is why sisters always rush to get one before they disappear from the market.

2. Feng Shui RakhiDesigned with Feng Shui in mind, its every element attracts positive energy from the universe. You might not want to miss such a charming thing to gift to your brother whom you love the most. It brings good fortune to your brother. Let’s tell you how!

Feng Shui Rakhi is created on the Feng Shui concept which makes a sense. Its concept revolves around two main cosmic powers, yin and yang. The yin stands for the Moon and yang depicts the Sun. Both these cosmic powers maintain the equilibrium of the universe. This Taoism concept has been kept into mind while designing the Feng Shui designer rakhi. Taoism philosophies are well-integrated into these rakhis that believed to attract fortune to the one who wears it on the wrist. So, why not bestow your brother with the good luck on this rakhi?

3. Friendship Band RakhiNowadays, modern brothers and sisters see themselves as a friend that’s bound with pure love. The latest trend in the rakhi, friendship band rakhi, exactly reflects this mere extension of eternal bond that goes beyond words. Its silver, gold or silk threads make a brother feel the importance of their friendly relation. These modern rakhi gifts have every element poured with love that gives them a different character. You may go for the ornamented ones that come with precious stones.

4. Bracelet RakhiThe bracelet rakhi is all about style. If your brother is still in the teenage, this is something that he will applaud, for sure. Love for these lovely bracelet rakhis clearly flaunts from the wrists of young boys who show it off all the time. Typically, these rakhis consist of body that’s made up of lustrous metals. They come in a chain type that your brother can easily wear on his wrist. So, it does make a sense to send rakhi to USA to your dear brother and gift him with this precious and a handy gift.

This bracelet can stay with him even after the festival and will remind him of your sweet memories. If you want to see that tempting smile on your brother’s face, bracelet rakhi can do wonders.

ConclusionWhether you send rakhi to USA ( ) or to any other country, it’s good to have it appealing enough to make impressions. Rakhi is all about creating a strong knot between brother and sister. Make it a more charming experience for both by investing in a designer rakhi to convey your sisterly feelings for him. Picking rakhi gifts and sending them to places have become a matter of minutes through the online rakhi portals. So, visit an online rakhi store to make your dear brother feel at the top of the world on that auspicious day.

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