Tips to Feng Shui your Bedroom


Most people spend a lot of money and time in decorating their homes’ main rooms but tend to forget about their bedrooms. While living rooms, kitchens, and dining areas are all important places to consider for Feng Shui, your bedroom is also important and shouldn’t be over looked.

This room symbolizes who you are more than any other room in your home and you should take the time to make sure that you get the best possible energy from it. Good energy flow is important to your health and the amount of sleep you can get every night as well.

 One of the most important things in using Feng Shui in your bedroom is the placing of your bed. Your bed is the place that you will be spending the most of your time and you need to have the position of command of your bedroom. By placing your bed away from the door,Tips to Feng Shui your Bedroom Articles but with the door still in your sight you are taking command of the energy flowing through that room. You should never place your bed directly across from your bedroom door as that causes the energy to flow from your bed and out the door instead.

 You should make sure that your bed is placed with the headboard against a solid wall or at a diagonal in a corner. If you can’t get your bed to fit into the command position of your bedroom, then you should place a mirror in that position so that you can see your door through the mirror when you look at it. You should also remember to never have more than a couple of mirrors in your bedroom as this activates the energy in your room and will cause you to have problems while sleeping at night.

 Take the television out of your bedroom! By removing your TV, you will find that you are opening up the avenues of communication and the energy will be able to flow freely throughout the bedroom. If you can’t take the TV out, then you should place it inside a cabinet so that you can shut the door when it is not on, thus containing the energy flowing from the TV so that it cannot spread across your room. You should refrain from placing things underneath your bed as well as it creates a place for energy to become trapped and start causing problems.

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