Tips On Preparing Your Home When Selling FSBO Pt 1


Preparing your home to be sold FSBO, or for sale by owner, is not a lot different to preparing your home for a real estate agent to start selling it for you. The only difference is that you are in complete control over the process. To get a good sale price, as well as a quick sale you will need to be determined, and focused on the task at hand, you will also need to get some things organized.


The ‘de-clutter’ word may make people shudder at times, as they think that all of their treasured possessions are anything but clutter. The trick to selling your home FSBO is preparation, and presentation. Remove the possessions in your home that make it your personal haven. By doing this you will give your potential buyers the chance to imagine their possessions in your home, and that will lead to them imagining how great it will be to live in your home.

While your house is on the market, place all of the things that you don’t need in storage leaving only day-to-day necessities out. When you have done this walk around your home and look at it. If it feels impersonal, and a little bare you have reached your first goal.

Scrub, Scrub, And Scrub Some More

Once you have removed all of your personal effects, and any thing that doesn’t have to be in your home, you are ready to start on your next FSBO step. You will notice there is a lot of empty space, bare places. You will now need to start in one room of your home, and get the scrubbing brush out and keep scrubbing until you have cleaned the entire room from top to bottom.

Once you have finished in one room, then continue to the next room, and repeat this process until you have cleaned the entire inside of the house. If you are using cleaners while you are scrubbing make sure to use protective clothing and open some windows to provide adequate ventilation.

Paint Your Walls And Ceilings

Regardless of what many people may think painting it is vital to the sale of your FSBO home. For starters you will want to make your home look clean, fresh, and salable, old paint never has that effect even if it is washed.

Another reason why you will need to paint your walls is because you may have color preferences of your own, which may not appeal to other people. By painting your home in clean looking neutral colors you will appeal to any taste in buyer as they will see your home as a blank canvas ready for them to personalize according to their own taste.

Look For Faults

Once you have your home looking clean and fresh you will then need to look over it for any faults, or for things that need fixing up. Are there cracked tiles? What about holes in the walls? Is there anything that you have just never got around to fixing up? Look around the home, jot the jobs down on a pad, and begin fixing them. If you cant repair these things yourself, then call in the professionals.

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