Three Wash Lighting Ideas to Make Your LED Landscape Lighting Magical


Lighting setup adds beauty to the general appearance of a home interior and exterior angles. However,Three Wash Lighting Ideas to Make Your LED Landscape Lighting Magical Articles the home setting is not complete until the lighting arrangement is organized correctly. Proper lighting is not all about fixing different kinds of bulb sizes within designated areas but for making a statement.

If you are planning to change the view of your landscape lighting, switching to a wash lighting setting is an excellent decision. The idea behind wash lighting is not just to improve illumination or make your LED bulbs look brighter but to improve the visual appeal around the home. 

Below are three wash lighting ideas you can use to elevate your LED landscaping light.

  • Wash lighting small details like the small shrub ornamental trees 

Achieving perfect landscape lighting is not about concentrating too much light on the big trees alone. Sometimes paying more attention to smaller plants like shrubs and ornamental trees can deliver outstanding results. In addition, LED Wash lights your landscape shouldn’t be centered on improving landscape brightness. Instead of emphasizing brilliance, you should focus on using low ambient light to create dimension and composition. 

Wash lighting small objects will create a perfect balance between the big and small things and plants within the landscaping area and the entire home vicinity.

  • Washing lighting home architecture

Some architectural details in a home remain hidden until there is a light spot to bring it to the open. When sunlight is still available, some features of the home exterior stay in the dark. Once the sunlight abates, that is when the magic of wash lighting takes place. Wash lighting focuses on specific features of the home like dimension, texture, and other visible subjects of the house like lampstand. While other areas may seem dark and less visible, the light will focus on unique features that you may overlook during the daytime.

  • Downlighting your home

This light washing technique is also known as moonlighting because it creates the same lighting effect as the natural moonlight. Under normal circumstances, when the only source of light available is the natural light from the moon, the impact on the landscape is incredible, and it creates a shadow effect on the trees and grasses. The downlighting effect can also be achieved using the wash lighting technique. 

The first step is to ensure your LEDs are in good condition. Then, place the LED bulbs at the topmost part of the landscape to project the light downward. Wait till evening before turning on the lights, especially when natural sunlight is absent. When this lighting technique is done correctly, it creates the same lighting effect that the moonlight creates on landscapes. 


The purpose of wash lighting is to enhance your landscape lighting arrangement. Rather than emphasizing brightness, wash lighting helps to use low ambient light to create a magical effect on the landscape and other exterior parts. Wash lighting directs soft spotlight to areas where creative details are silent, using Decorative LED Lights effects to bring those salient details into a full glare. Some fantastic wash lighting ideas have been discussed in this article to help you make the best choice for your home, office, or other properties.

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