The Worlds Most Interesting Career. Your Apartment or Condo Superintendent has it


Of all the careers in this world, apartment superintendents must be the most interesting. Everyday they must repair the hundreds of little things that can go wrong in our homes and the building. Then there are the people. Here is the job as seen from the eyes of one of them.

At one time or another during our lives most of us will live in an apartment. Apartments are convenient. No mortgage is required. Simply be gainfully employed. Have the first and last months rent on hand. Have a clear credit report and most likely you are approved. For singles shedding their mom’s apron strings,The Worlds Most Interesting Career. Your Apartment or Condo Superintendent has it. Articles young couples starting out, seniors downsizing from the spacious house, as well as those who simply decide not to purchase a house or condominium, an apartment may be the answer.

As a tenant, you will possibly require the services of the superintendent whose job it is to not only maintain the building you live in to a high standard but to also take care of the many little things that can go wrong within your apartment.

The job of a building superintendent is the perfect one for someone who has handyman skills, enjoys dealing with people, and wants to work from home.

Superintendents quickly learn that there are two distinct types of residents. Renters and condominium owners.

Renters are staying in a residence owned by a landlord. The super represents the landlord, makes any repairs necessary to the common areas of the building as well as those that occur within the apartments. He or she collects the rent, does the banking, and tends to the garbage and recycling removal. Renters pay rent for their suite. This rent is determined by the market by the landlord.

Condo owners purchase a suite in what is called a strata titled building. They become owners of their suite as well as part owner of the entire building and grounds. Since the owners owns part of the building etc. they must contribute to the costs of upkeep including insurance, superintendent salary, property management etc. By law, a portion of the fees must be set aside for a contingency fund to cover the eventual cost of replacement of the common areas of the buildings as well as the roof, air conditioner, elevators and the hundreds of items that make up the structure.

Experience will show that condo owners are more careful about keeping their building clean as compared to renters.

Condo supers do-not do any services within the suites. Rental supers do. Many superintendents have tried both and found that the extra work servicing the apartments is worth it as compared to the easier work in carrying out their duties in the condo building. Attempting to please the council can be very frustrating.

The secret of getting the job done in either situation is knowing who to call in any situation. Generally the super will do small repairs such as replacing a tap washer, checking small leaks, touching up paint and that sort of thing. Beyond the little problems the professionals take over. For instance, a small leak in a kitchen hot water tap will require a washer replacement. Easily done by the super. A leak from under a toilet should be carried out by a professional plumber.

If you are considering taking on a position as a superintendent then by all means, take a course and go for it.

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