The Powerful and Versatile Feng Shui Wind Chimes


Feng shui wind chimes are the most versatile corrector, which can be used literally everywhere.

For instance,The Powerful and Versatile Feng Shui Wind Chimes Articles if you have a “negative” object behind your window, hanging a chime will fix the energy. If your entrance door is opposite a window, the Chi energy that enters your home will exit through this “tunnel” instead of passing through your home. If you hang a chime in its way, the Chi will enter the hollow tubes, rise up and scatter throughout your home.

Feng shui wind chimes in combination with other charms enhance the positive effect even greater. These items come in all forms and materials (wood, metal, and plastic), enabling you to choose one of your liking. Following are a few examples of what you can come across, and what each item is meant for:
Bamboo Tubes: According to feng shui, bamboo is a symbol of longevity, career growth, material prosperity, and dignity. It will enhance any area of your home, but the ideal place for it is in the south – the zone of fame and reputation. You can also place it in the wealth sector – the southeast, or the family sector – the east.
Fish: These will bring you good luck and prosperity. It’s exciting to note that the Chinese word “fish” also means abundance. Hang this item in the southeast of your home.
Angels: If you already have children, this chime can be hung in the nursery – the angels will decorate it and protect your children from harm. If you want to have children – place the item in the western part of your home (children and creativity).

Butterfly: In feng shui, butterflies symbolize immortality and rebirth. Butterflies activate romantic relationships, bring happiness to the family and help to make dreams come true. This item can be placed anywhere, but it is best to hang it in the southwest sector (love and marriage).

The Chinese coin: This is the main symbol of wealth and prosperity. Hang it in the southeastern sector (the sector of wealth), and your earnings should start to grow.
Two fish: These will help you strengthen the love and marriage sector (southwest), and bring you prosperity.

Dolphins: These are a symbol of protection. They also symbolize harmony, kindness, peacefulness and timely assistance. Feng shui wind chimes with dolphins will pass the good Chi energy throughout your home and help you avoid any quarrels.

Dragon: Dragons represents strength, wisdom and kindness. It is also believed that the image of a dragon guards the house and expels the evil spirits. It can be placed anywhere.

Stars: Symbolize golden rain. They are excellent for bringing monetary prosperity. It is best to place them in the sector of wealth, the south-east.
Crystals: These generate positive energy and dissipate it throughout the house. They can be placed in any sector of your home that needs to be strengthened.

Pagoda: This amulet will activate the monetary energy in the southeastern sector. Pagoda chimes resemble Chinese temples. Many of such feng shui wind chimes have pendants in the form of the celestial sphere.

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