That poor battered thing outside your garage is probably your garage door. I think it is high time you change it! You were thinking the same? Goody! So lets go and look for one of those beautiful garage doors we saw yesterday on the internet. No u say? You don’t want expensive garage doors? Let me tell you about expensive garage doors then. Generally,The OPEN SESAME Articles we don’t notice the garage doors on any of the houses. They are just too plain to be noticed. If you drive around your area and you see your neighboring houses, you will find all of them have plain simple garage doors. You might think that the gawdy ones might be too expensive for you to buy. Expensive garage doors should be considered as an investment in your house. They add appeal to the look of your house. According to a research, expensive garage doors increase the sale price of a house by 4%! Most people don’t buy beautiful garage doors because they are expensive. I am pretty sure if you buy one, your neighbor will think “I want the same door.

It looks so beautiful” and it starts a chain reaction.The trick of buying a garage door is finding THE ONE. A garage door which matches perfectly with your house style is the right one.Try finding a garage door which has the same architectural theme as your house. If your house has vertical lines, find a door with vertical lines, if your house has arches, find a door with arched windows etc Find the perfect material for your garage, there are three types of materials: wood, steel and aluminium. Wooden garage doors are expensive but classy. They give a vintage look to your house and you can experiment with all sorts of cuts with the wooden doors. The one bane would be that they get affected by the weather. Steel garage doors are stronger than any other kind of garage doors.Steel doesn’t crack or rot but if there appears a dent in the door, it requires professional repairs.

These doors are quite heavy. Aluminium garage doors are really light weight. It requires no or very less maintenance. Aluminium doesn’t crack or fade away. This makes aluminium garage doors most effective. Also aluminium is cheaper.Decorate your garage door. Fully customize your garage door to suit your needs. Install windows to match your house, paint a different paint, add handles, straps and other various contraptions. Play with the technology.A good quality garage door provides easier access and security to your garage. A good quality expensive garage door may be purchased from reliable dealers. You can search on the internet or ask around people who have already had garage doors installed. Installation charges might be expensive. You can either hire a person to install which would be a little expensive but great service or you could try installing yourself and save the money. It is very easy to install. Step by step guide is provided with the doors.

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