The Most Lucrative Real Estate Success Action – Overcoming Call Reluctance


Hello Everyone,

It’s late and I’m weary but I want you to get this first tomorrow morning so you can get in and do what I’m suggesting and create some big possibilities. I was going to put it off and do it tomorrow but I feel it’s that important that it can’t wait.

I believe that what we do in the next hour and for the rest of the day, will have a direct consequence on our success (and therefore our confidence and quality of life) in 30 days from now. Let me explain:

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time on marketing concepts for the book and forthcoming edition of The Property Star. I’m delighted to get amazing feedback about how well these things are working as they generate leads. I guess it’s what comes next that’s so important. A lead is only a lead if it’s followed up right?

I’m never surprised to notice how the best real estate operators work the phones so hard and so well. They excel in terms of volume and quality. In other words, they make lots of calls to WARM contacts and convey a message of value to the person on the other end.

I know this is rather intimidating to new people in real estate but it’s worth noting the effectiveness of this simple but very powerful success action. In fact let me say, if you’re new, you will NOT succeed unless you embrace this 500%

I believe the thing (I don’t know what else to call it) holding people back from making calls is that they are not sure what to say to the voice at the other end of the line. So, in order to make things easier, I want to hand out some ideas right now so you can use them and start creating some positive action.

To beat Call Reluctance, just pick up the phone and get into it. Trust me when I say there is no other way.

Here are the rules;

  • Ask for permission to speak. (“Hi Mary, it’s Kathy from Dream Big Real Estate. Can you speak with me for one minute?”)
  • Keep it to one simple message.
  • Keep it about them.
  • Keep a note of what you covered so you have something to ‘connect’ with next time you speak.
  • Be yourself (you have enough to think about without trying to impersonate someone you’re not)

Now here are some ideas for the content of your call:

The follow up (“Hi Mary, it’s Kathy from Dream Big Real Estate. It’s just a courtesy call to see what you thought of the book I sent you”)

  1. Getting in touch with potential sellers about recent sales is normally going to be of interest (“Hi Mary, it’s Kathy from Dream Big Real Estate. It’s just a courtesy call to let you know about a recent sale in your area”)
  2. What about an offer or promotion? (“Hi Mary, it’s Kathy from Dream Big Real Estate. It’s just a courtesy call to let you know that we’re offering a free internet marketing package this month”)
  3. What about showing how much you care? (“Hi Mary, it’s Kathy from Dream Big Real Estate. It’s just a courtesy to let you know that our painter, Terry will be calling you soon to get you that quote we spoke about”)
  4. Or a good deal on something you recently spoke about; (I notice Qantas have some extra cheap deals to Australia coming up next month”)

This is relationship marketing, which is really the only kind of marketing that is going to achieve the results you want.

I like to say “It’s just a courtesy call” Because it implies I’m taking the trouble to extend a courtesy and they are more inclined to listen and appreciate your effort.

There are probably a million things you can call and say when yo think about it. If it’s going to help you with call reluctance then it’s totally worth it.

Here’s one more thing to think about that will make picking up the phone a lot easier; With each call, you’re making a deposit in their emotional bank account. If you keep it up, there will come a time when you get to make a withdrawal.

Call reluctance is the number one reason why people struggle in real estate. Why not make a commitment today to make 25 calls to your contacts each day. It might not seem like a lot but it’s 125 a week or 6500 a year. Imagine the power of making 5000 calls a year. IT CANT FAIL!

Someone once told me that we put off the things we should do. We know that making calls is important to our careers and our success so what’s holding us back?

Getting in and making 25 calls each morning first thing means we will enjoy the rest of the day much more because we know we’ve got the most important success action out of the way. Try it and you’ll see what I mean. In any case, you owe it to yourself!

By the way, if you have any little gems that you’d like to share about overcoming Call Reluctance, then please send them in and I’ll spread the word. So, print this off and stick it front of you to remind you how great you are at getting in a doing what needs to be done.

Have a massive day and dream big! Cheers and warm regards, Ray

Ray Wood is a leading Real Estate Marketing expert and has written six books on effective real estate marketing including his bestselling Lead Generator for the real estate industry, How To Sell Your Home For More. In high demand as a speaker and marketing consultant to the real estate industry, Ray is based in Toronto Canada and Queensland Australia.

You can find out more about Ray at [] or contact at

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