The Mighty Salt Water Cure of Feng Shui


Salt water cure is a specific feng shui purifier that is typically made in home conditions, but it can also be purchased.

The purifier captures the negative energy that you may have in your home or office. Having it indoors can help you to improve the flow of positive energy,The Mighty Salt Water Cure of Feng Shui Articles while the negative energy will be captured and depowered.

The purifier works extremely fast to combat sickness, improve health, and enhance all aspects of anyone’s life. In this article, we provide tips on how to set up your salt water cure, when to dispose of it, and more.

Where should you place the cure? Feng shui experts have varying opinions in this regard. Some suggest placing it according to your flying stars; others say to place it in accordance to the year, while others advise using software to determine the best location for it. We suggest placing it in the zone of your home that you believe may need a boost, according to feng shui.

Following are the life zones and their locations indoors: Fame and Reputation – South; Career – North; Health and Family – East; Creativity and Children – West; Wealth and Prosperity – Southeast; Knowledge and Self-Cultivation – Northeast; Love and Marriage – Southwest; Helpful People and Travel – Northwest. You can put the purifier in any room, such as the bathroom, utility room, living room, and even a bedroom. Yes, unlike many other water elements, this water element can even be placed in the bedroom. That’s because salt water cure represents “yin” water, while aquariums, fountains, and others represent “yang” water that’s best avoided in bedrooms.

How to set up the cure? First, you need to get a jar or glass, such as a pilsner glass. Fill it 3/4 of the way with salt and place 6 Chinese i-ching coins onto the salt, to form a circle. The coins need to be placed with their Yang sides up – Chinese characters should face up. Note that regular coins are much less effective than Chinese coins. Now, pour in tap water to the top of the glass. Place a mat underneath the glass, wherever you place it. Don’t cover the jar and don’t place it in a cupboard, as it needs to be exposed to air (qi energy). If you don’t want your visitors to see it, you can place a photo frame in front of it. Try not to touch or move the glass.

Over time, the glass will start to form crystals, meaning that it’s working and absorbing the negative energy. Check the glass periodically and make sure that the water is always to the top, but avoid touching the glass, especially its rim and salt crystals. The glass needs to be changed when large crystals build around its rim. To help the purifier work well, you can place other cures, such as 6 Chinese coins on a red ribbon (metal element), next to it.

After about one year, dispose of the old purifier, including the old glass, coins, water, and salt. Place everything into a sealable container and throw it into a trash bin. You can now make a new salt water cure that will provide your home with purified energy for the entire next year.

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