The Mighty Feng Shui Colors and Their Effects


In this article we will discuss the feng shui colors and how they affect people. Most people are familiar with the wonderful feeling that you get when surrounded by harmonious colors. A harmonious interior, clothing, and buildings are a feast for the eyes – they raise your spirits and have a calming effect on you. Inappropriate color schemes, on the other hand, result in discomfort, irritation, and can even cause headaches.

All objects and subjects are perceived largely by their color. There are people who predominantly wear and decorate their home interiors using blue and green,The Mighty Feng Shui Colors and Their Effects Articles soft blue and pink, chocolate, and so on. So, how to choose your color? How to protect yourself from the negative impact of the colors that do not suit you? What do you follow when selecting the color of a new dress or a room décor? Is it your taste, intuition, knowledge, or a little bit of everything? The feng shui colors can help you choose the best colors. You need to determine your primary element by your year of birth, and know what colors match your element.

Based on a birth date, there are five types of people who have varying colors. The people of water – blue, black; the people of earth – yellow, brown, beige; the people of fire – red, orange; the people of metal – silver, gray; the people of wood – green, light green.

Suitable colors are also easy to identify by personal intuitive preferences. These typically are the most faithful, because they are embedded deep within and are guided by the spontaneous unconscious impulses. People who listen to their inner voice, as a rule, pick the appropriate colors for them. Those who do not have such abilities are advised to listen to experts on feng shui colors.

It’s a shame that the color is rarely seriously considered in the interior. Most houses are decorated in the same pattern – the walls in shades of white, beige floors, etc. In Feng Shui, there are the so-called zones of Bagua, each of which has a corresponding color. A properly selected color for each zone will help improve energy in the relevant areas of your life. You don’t need to paint the entire area in one recommended color. Feng Shui is a subtle art, and it allows everyone to find their harmony through a simple shift in focus.

To raise the chi in the zones, try the following. Put a purple lamp in the wealth area. Put a vase full of delicate pink flowers in the relationships area. Put a sculpture made of black marble in the area of career. Rely on your intuition – if you do not like a particular color, do not use it. You can choose any of the hundreds of shades. Red, yellow and orange are warm feng shui colors that excite. Green is calm and neutral. Blue, indigo and violet are cold and soothing. Black represents austerity, elegance, and sophistication. Red is impulse and energy. Pink is light and romantic. Blue symbolizes purity, openness, and spontaneity.

Color can create the mood. Each area of your home may affect your life in general. Ask yourself, what mood you are looking for, and then select the appropriate color. Do not rush to global changes – it’s better to start with a small but focused change. Small lamp here, a decorative pillow there, and you will reach your goals step by step. Soon you will feel that proper feng shui colors are helping you to create harmony around you.

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