The Financial Cost Associated With Assisted Living Facilities


Centers for Assisted Living in Waldorf MD typically charge a monthly rent to residents. In larger facilities where residents have their own apartments or townhomes,The Financial Cost Associated With Assisted Living Facilities Articles this cost typically includes housekeeping and meals. Any care services for dressing, showering, or other activities of daily living incur an additional cost. By contrast, there are small residential facilities for which all of these services are included in the monthly rent. Such residential care typically involves 8-10 residents sharing a small home and each having their own private bedroom. There is certainly a wide range of cost for various assisted living facilities based on a wide number of factors.

That said, Assisted Living in Waldorf MD generally costs significantly less than nursing home care. Typically, the expenses associated with assisted living facilities average 40% less than that of nursing homes. Of course costs vary widely from facility to facility based on the living arrangements, services, and level of care required. For those who can afford them, there are assisted living communities that come with all the amenities one could hope for. These types of facilities offer a high level of independence and an apartment or townhome style of residence. Activities, transportation, fitness classes, salon services and more are offered on a regular basis in addition to any activity of daily living or medication management services requested.

It is important to understand that the costs associated with Assisted Living in Waldorf MD are predominately covered by the resident or their family. Medicare does not provide any coverage for assisted living costs. Medicaid will pay between 5% and 11% based on a resident’s personal financial assets. Supplemental Security Income often pays for upwards of 15%, while long-term care insurance will cover a mere 2%. This leaves about 75% of the cost to the individual and their family. For this reason it is wise to consider the purchase of long-term care insurance as part of your retirement planning. Comprehensive long-term care insurance policies cover assisted living costs in full, as long as the individual meets certain qualifications. This option is far more cost effective when compared to paying for Assisted Living in Waldorf MD out of pocket. Carrying long-term care insurance often makes assisted living an opportunity later in life where it might have otherwise been financially prohibitive.

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