The Facts about Lease Agreements


Involving a lease agreement done is always a Good idea to avoid any complications later if you are thinking to lease out your space.

In rental business it is always conducted before the renting date starts that a lease contract must be sign by both parties. This contract will protect the landlord and indirectly will protect the tenant as well. Even though most or all of the contracts are in favor of the landlord but there are landlord that make changes that are not on the contract.

 One of the good examples is the rental increase. The usual contract will state only the rental amount before the tenant occupies the house. But still there are landlords that change the rental amount particularly after a year. The landlord tends to increase the rent without further notice and without changing the contract. This act is unfair to the tenant although they do not own the property but it does not mean that the landlord can change anything according to what he or she pleases. With any changes to be made with the contract the landlord must inform the tenant as need to get the approval? In cases like this the tenant will have the right either to vacate and stop renting the place or just pay the amount ask by the landlord and continue renting.

When the property is under lease the owner loses half of his or her right with the property. Yes the landlord still owns the property but it does not mean that the landlord can do whatever he or she likes. The landlord need to consider the person or family that has been occupying the property. As a good humane the landlord must consider that the tenants are humans and have the right to the property as they both sign the contract. However the tenant cannot do any changes on the property without the landlord’s consent. The property will end up as partially own by the tenant as they are using it and partially own by the landlord document wise but use it as business.

The success of the rental business depends on how the landlord manages the property and how the landlord implements relationship to the tenants. Any kind of interpersonal business depends on the kind of attitudes that the owner imply. Attitudes will reflect directly to the rental businesses especially the landlords as the tenants can be very effective if the landlord chose good tenants. The ability of the landlord to decide who the right tenant is very vital on rental business. There is good growth on this business if all the tenants are good but as we all know that there are bad tenants too. A delinquent tenant easily kills the interest and earning power of the landlord which is usually cannot be avoided. Any landlord cannot tell whether the new tenant is bad or not by looking alone it takes time to see it which is the problem. Therefore the landlord needs to take the time to decide and to need know better who the tenant really is to avoid losses.

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