The Bangkok Boutique Hotel: Real Luxury Finally Has A Name


Why is the Bangkok boutique hotel gaining such a head of steam? Is it because these establishments are genuinely exclusive as opposed to the pseudo-exclusivity of luxury hotels in the West?

Perhaps it’s because the relatively low cost of living in Thailand makes such locations affordable to non-high fliers. When someone books into a 5-star hotel,Guest Posting they expect to be treated like a Hollywood star. Instead, most guests are herded like sheep into the rooms. 5-star chain hotels pretend to treat everyone the same but in reality, there are VIP’s and then there are regular guests who are not as important. In a Bangkok boutique hotel, there are fewer rooms. This is a deliberate measure as it ensures that every single guest is a VIP.

When you check into a hotel, you are usually given your room card, listen to the usual banalities regarding breakfast times and sent on your merry way. This even happens in 5-star hotels. When you come to a Bangkok boutique hotel, you are greeted individually by a member of staff. This automatically makes you feel important and this regal feeling will stay with you throughout your vacation. Larger luxury hotels are incapable of providing the personal touches that are routine for boutique hotels. When reserving your room, feel free to make requests. Rest assured, they will be carried out to the letter once you arrive.

Have you ever sat in a luxury hotel room bored out of your mind? You can watch television, eat or drink but that’s about it. The view of the bustling city below isn’t exactly awe inspiring and the surrounding traffic, both human and machine, makes going out unpalatable. The hotel’s facilities such as a pool are filled with screaming kids and the whole luxury experience starts to turn sour. In a Bangkok boutique hotel, none of the above happens. You are likely to be surrounded by the Chao Phraya river, one of the most beautiful bodies of water on earth. The city of Bangkok is close by so you can take a trip and experience its delights. Yet the bustling traffic seems distant as the tranquil flow of the river elevates your spirits. As boutique hotels have fewer guests than their chain counterpart, the pool will be free as will the other amenities.

So, what is the going rate for luxury? $3,000 a night? Maybe $2,000? How does $200 a night sound? Affordable? Amazing value? Fanciful? Believe it or not, this is the price of many rooms in a Bangkok boutique hotel. Their ‘basic’ rooms resemble a palace which is no surprise when you have hotels such as the Praya Palazzo, a mansion overlooking the Chao Phraya river that reminds one of a palatial home. Naturally, the more extraordinary rooms will cost a little more but once you see what’s on offer, money ceases to become an object.

If you’re looking for a comfortable bed to sleep in, a fancy restaurant to dine in and a welcome mint on your pillow, try a hotel chain. If you want to be treated as a world famous artist or musician, enjoy an extraordinary view and have one of the world’s most vibrant cities on your doorstep, try a Bangkok boutique hotel.

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