Tenant Forms Protect Tenants And The Landlord From Liability


Tenant forms are a type of legal real state form that protects tenants and the landlord from liability.

It is in the process of rental business to have lease agreement contract at the start of the renting agreement to strengthen and provide protection for the property and the landlord’s interest. However it can protect the tenant as well as all terms and conditions before renting the place including the amount to pay are all in the contract that the landlord cannot just change it without any further notice to the tenants.

Yes there are landlord’s that increase the rent without any notice to the tenants and the tenants have the right to refuse and only pay the agreed amount on the contract that took place before the tenant occupy the place. The landlord does not have any right to change the rental amount without discussing it to the tenant and the landlord cannot force the tenant to pay the amount the landlord want if it was not the amount stated on the contract. Everyday all goods and commodities are increasing but it does not mean that it directly affect the rental amount it is not how the rental business goes that is why a contract was made to protect both party well originally the contract was made and need to be conducted in the beginning to protect the landlord from bad tenant. Somehow it does protect the tenant as well indirectly to abusive landlords that think they can just change the agreement without any further notice and revision of the agreed contract agreement with the tenant.

Even though the landlord own the property but it does not mean he or she can change everything according to what he or she wishes to do without any consent to the tenant who currently occupy the place. The landlord need to respect the privacy of the tenant as well and treat them after the contract has been agreed by both parties that the tenant have the most right of the place and not the landlord anymore not unless if the agreed time duration has expires and no new agreement was made. The tenant must see to it that if they agreed time frame of renting the place was due to conduct new agreement for extension of stay. It is not being untrusting but it needs to be done to avoid future discretion of occupying the place. You do not like to be evicted without any violation or reason at all do you? No one does like such harsh deeds and with proper conducting any kind of agreement can help and protect both parties so no need to worry as it is conducted for legality purposes and it is what is best for both. Therefore both the tenant and landlord must synchronize in doing the proper way of doing the business for both protections.

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