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There’s no denying that condominiums are such attractive real estate purchases, a demand which spurred the construction of several projects in Tampa and elsewhere in the state and the country in the last decade or so. Even when the real estate market faces mortgage and insurance woes, some buyers, both local and foreign, are still looking into these high rise properties for possible purchases.

But what exactly does condominiums offer that are lacking in other residential properties?

One huge factor for purchasing a condo unit is its affordability. A house costing $100,000 to $200,000 is quite rare to find in metropolitan Tampa, while some condos are within this price range. And just as condo units are relatively easy to buy, they are also quite easy to sell, making them good investments in the eyes of savvy entrepreneurs.

Another reason for buying a condominium is for its space. For a newly relocated family or someone recently transferred to Tampa who does not wish to commute to the suburbs and cannot find a suitable house in the center of the city, condos offer variable options. In areas where there are no longer lots available for construction, there’s no way to go but up. Apart from affording spectacular views of the skyline and the coast, most condos properties are located within walking distance to urban amenities and facilities.

Condos also spell security for its residents, with someone always manning the front door and cameras strategically placed all throughout the property. Needless to say, access to the property by outsiders is severely restricted, affording residents total privacy when desired.

And of course, there’s the celebrated condo lifestyle, with lots of amenities and facilities virtually right beyond one’s doorstep. Most condominium buildings have fitness centers and swimming pools incorporated into their properties. There are also some which has eating establishments and laundry services, perfect for individuals that are always on the go. Condos also require virtually no maintenance, no exteriors and yards to clean and maintain. This is why some retirees who choose Tampa as their second home decide to purchase condominiums are their abodes.

Be it for price, convenience, security, or lifestyle, condo units do offer attractive real estate packages in Tampa, and it’s no wonder that many prospective home buyers are still interested in purchasing one.

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