Take Time for a Spa Visit When Vacationing To Thailand


A spa treatment in Thailand is an absolute must if you are planning a vacation in Thailand. Thai culture has a rich history of wellness treatments. Massage is undoubtedly one of the best ways to learn to relax, unwind and enjoy the present moment. Thai massage is said to stimulate the flow of life through the body through energy lines called the sib sen.

Given that most of us live in a fast paced world where sitting still and observing the stress and tension of the body is a thing of the past,Guest Posting a vacation in Thailand especially one in which you take time for a spa visit is indispensible.  In Thailand, there are innumerable options for Thai massage. In Bangkok, Pattaya, Ko Samui, and Phuket there are options that vary from street side massages at the flea market to exclusive retreats designed for celebrities.

Thai massage entails deep tissue massage that helps rejuvenate you.  Thai massage is traditionally performed on the floor or a flat even surface and the individual usually wears comfortable clothing that facilitates easy movement for massage. The traditional massage is known as nuat phaen boren which translates to ancient-manner massage which does not use oils. The focus of nuat phaen boren is on releasing the tension and facilitating the flow of life by massaging the meridians of sen. The receiver is placed in a variety of yogic positions for the same. This ancient-manner massage usually take two to three hours and the individual comes back relaxed and rejuvenated.  This traditional ancient-manner massage has significant influence from the Indian Ayurvedic  tradition.

The amazing thing about the Thai massage is that practically anyone can benefit from it. Athletes and professional players use Thai massage for recuperation and to increase muscle flexibility, pregnant use this massage to reduce back and leg pains as well as to relax at this crucial time of their life, facilitating optimal development of her child. In Thailand, you will see people from all walks of live enjoying and unwinding with a relaxing and rejuvenating foot massage or body massage.

If you are looking to book a spa treatment in Thailand ensure that you have established a budget for the same. This is because, Thailand is a wonderful place to explore a ton of other things, like shopping, adventure sports, culture, food and more. While a deeply gratifying Thai spa treatment should be on your list you don’t want to tip the balance off and lose a precious opportunity to explore all the other exciting aspects of Thailand.

Some of the excellent places for a scrumptious Thai Spa treatment includes luxury spas in Hua HIn, Phuket, and Koh Phanang that were especially designed to pamper and establish wellness in oneself.  Of course, you will need to choose depending on your budget.  Take it from us: there are physical, mental and psychological benefits to a Thai massage. So while you are in Thailand, don’t miss an opportunity to indulge and unwind.

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