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Can we repair those worn out areas of our carpet, and thus save on the expense of buying new carpet for our home? Yes you can.

Damaged or worn carpet can occur for any number of reasons,Super Carpet Repair Method Ever Discussed Articles including carpet wearing from its position in a high-traffic area of the home, bleach stains, burns and other stains.Instead of allowing a section of worn carpet to ruin the entire look of a room, use different methods to repair the worn carpet. Having a professional repair your carpet can become costly fast, but doing it yourself is inexpensive and a task that requires only basic DIY skills and tools.

What to do:

First is vacuum the worn area as much as possible to remove dust and debris before you repair it. Use a carpet cleaner for severe stains. Follow the cleaner manufacturer directions for best results; this also helps brighten the carpet’s color.

Next is Use a carpet dye kit on areas that still appear faded post-cleaning. Again, follow the manufacturer instructions, and match the dye with the carpet color as best you can.

Cut the worn carpet piece with a circular carpet cutting tool or sharp knife, but do not cut into the underlying padding, if the carpet is burned or worn beyond repair. Cut out a piece of carpet from an inconspicuous section of the home, such as carpeting that is underneath the sofa or inside a closet, to replace the worn piece. Use the damaged piece of carpet as a stencil while cutting out the replacement carpet piece.

Apply seam adhesive to edges of the worn carpet section you just cut out, which will prevent fraying. Allow the adhesive to dry thoroughly. Place double-sided tape on the back of the carpet replacement, and place it in the “cut-out” section of carpet. Press the patch down firmly, and note the direction of the carpet fibers before positioning the piece.

If, however, you still feel uncomfortable about doing this yourself, then you may want to seek professional help from a qualified carpet layer. They have been fully trained to repair worn carpet, and this will still work out a lot cheaper than replacing the whole carpet. If you do not have a spare piece of carpet available, then what you can do is to cut a small piece of carpet from somewhere that is not noticeable, i.e. a piece under some furniture will do, then follow the steps above. If not, consult with your carpet retailer and they may be able to supply you with some spare off cuts.

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