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When the time arrives in life to find your own space, it is a wonderful feeling. This wonderful feeling comes with many questions and concerns. The main question is likely to be regarding home buying or renting. Which is better financially and which is more practical? Many people deal with this sort of decision and it helps to have access to advice and information concerning both.

Renting may seem more practical than home buying for some individuals because of personal situations such as work. There are people who have careers which require them to relocate periodically and for this reason they may assume it’s more sensible to rent. Renting also provides the option of relocating if the location or neighborhood doesn’t meet their needs. For these reasons yes, it may make sense to rent. Renting will eliminate any worries regarding maintenance and general upkeep of the property. Renting also provides people with the option to get up and go without the stress of selling their home before moving. Individuals like the idea of paying one amount each month which includes all accommodation expenses.

Home buying raises more concerns with regards to payments and expense but many people prefer this option as opposed to renting. Home buying seems like a more permanent decision but it also provides the homeowner with many benefits including the option to resell if the need ever arises. Home buying is a big commitment and a big investment. It’s the investment factor that attracts people to home buying instead of renting. Many people see renting as throwing money away or paying off someone else’s mortgage. Home buying provides an opportunity for and individual to put that rental money into a piece of property that will one day belong to them. Each mortgage payment brings them one step closer to owning their home. If for some reason a homeowner is required to relocate, they can resell and likely collect the money invested into the property. This money can then be invested in their future home.

Although renting may seem simpler to many people, it has limitations especially with regards to renovating or redecorating. When renting a space, tenants are only permitted to make changes as the owner sees fit. A tenant is compelled to live by rules set down by the owner with regards to pets, parties, parking, for example. Costs for renting can be increased at the owner’s discretion. Home buying provides an individual with a monthly mortgage payment which is likely to remain the same for the life of the mortgage. As long as that mortgage is being paid, the homeowner is free to renovate and redecorate whenever and however they please. Home buying eliminates rules and regulations set down for tenants by landlords. There are many factors to consider when making a decision regarding home buying or renting. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The ultimate decision is based on the individual’s preferences and finances. Before making a decision of this magnitude, it would be beneficial to carefully consider the pros and cons of home buying versus renting.

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