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OK: Here is the situation, your home is going on the market and you are wondering what to keep around for the showing and what to remove. It’s a pretty standard concern and much of the time people incorrectly assess what stays and what goes. The simple fact of the matter is that you are moving anyway, why not take the opportunity to get some stuff packed and ready to go. Remember that there does not have to be a lot of stuff in the home for it to show properly.

What is required for a home to show to it’s full potential? Well, the major pieces of furniture are essential. There is nothing worse than selling a home with no furniture in it at all. It becomes harder for buyers to imagine what furniture will look like in the home. What can go is all of the little things that we tend to collect in our homes. Go through each room and find the things that you do not use daily. You would be amazed at how the removal of these things can open up a home. Essentially a home simply needs enough furniture to give buyers an idea of the available space.

Another mistake that many people make is thinking that their personal items like pictures and curios help to make the home “warm and inviting.” This is not so. In fact, this makes it more difficult for viewers to feel at home. They are trying to imagine themselves and their family living in the home, pictures of someone else’s family can very easily get in the way of this.

The best way to eliminate these items is to get an early start on your packing. If you have purchased another home already then move your belongings over there, or to a storage unit. Of course you can start to organize your packed items in the garage, but be careful to do this in an organized manner as the garage is still part of the home and will likely be “poked through” like the other rooms.

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