Some Simple Steps To Paint Your Bathtub


How to conduct a bathtub repair with special attention to the faucet so that it can be restored back to new.

Your bathtub is a mess,Some Simple Steps To Paint Your Bathtub Articles¬†chipping and stains all over. So, you’re thinking of getting a bathtub paint job done, that’s a great idea. You can do it yourself or can employ a specialist to assist you. If you’re doing it yourself, here’s a few steps that a bathtub paint job would consist of.

You would first have to paint the tub with a primer. This primer goes over the porcelain. This is needed so that the surface is porous and the paint will remain. While painting your bathtub, you rather use a paintbrush as against a roller. A roller may be easier for some to handle, but using a roller in the bathtub is not really convenient and it can be quite a pain at some times. It’s advisable that you apply two coats of the base color. For this purpose you should use latex paint. Why use two coats? Well, it will give your bathtub a nice vibrant lool, and make it resilient.

You also have to be mindful of what type of paint your using for your bathtub. It’s advisable to use EP Acrylic. This is an acrylic polymer coated paint. The thing that makes this pain ideal for your bathtub is that its high quality and is durable or long lasting. In addition, you can get this paint in an extensive range of colors, thus making it extremely easy for you. You can buy the paint that matches the color of your bathroom walls, or something that complements that color. It’s best to use a glossy finish, for your bathtub paint.

It’s also good to apply about two base coats of primer and then about two or three coats of the acrylic paint, which is the topcoat. Between each coat, make sure that you leave some time, at least about 30 – 60 minutes. Actually the best way to tell is by seeing if the coat that you applied is tried. Also after you’ve completed your bathtub paint job, make sure that you wait a while before you take a bath. At least wait for around 24 hours minimum. Sometimes you may have to wait even longer.

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