Some Of The Tenants Basic Rights


The basic rights of a tenant and how the landlord tenant form outlines the same.

There is one thing which you must be trying to understand that is everything governed by the landlord tenant form. This is not really the truth. There are some rights which you need to understand and you should also understand that these rights are enjoyed by the tenant always. Whether you are the tenant or you are the landlord you should definitely know about these rights.

Some of the rights are going to be the soul of this article. They are as follows:

  • You should know that the landlord has all the rights reserved to ask for the security money. But you should also know that the landlord cannot ask the security money more than a certain amount. This amount is always being fixed by the government. If the landlord asks for more money then you as a tenant can question him in the court.
  • The government also limits the rights of the landlords and hence you should understand the fact that even the landlord is being controlled by the government.
  • If you find the landlord to violate the rental agreement,Some Of The Tenants Basic Rights Articles┬álease or the law then you can question him in the court.
  • The security money is to be returned by the landlord. If he refuses to return that money then you can question him in the court.
  • You should also know that the repair cost is to be paid by the landlord but he will add the amount being spent in the rent.
  • You as a tenant have also the right to withhold the rent in some circumstances.
  • The government also protects you against the eviction process which the landlord might want to practice and is against the law.

However you should also know that the tenant also enjoys some of the laws. If the landlord refuses to take the rent since the lease has expired then you will certainly have to leave the property immediately. It is quite true that the landlord has the right reserved to evict you once the lease period is over. Sometimes the landlord might evict you without giving you any notice. This is certainly possible.

If you want to renew the lease period then you should definitely try to do this quite early. Otherwise you might be in problem. Just think of the situation when nothing is being done by you. This is certainly a very bad situation to be in as a tenant.

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