Small Bathtub Showers for Small Bathrooms


Manufacturers of bathtubs are responding to the demand of small bathrooms and have produced new designs to make fitting a bath tub into a small bathroom possible. Traditional five foot long bathtubs do not always fit into smaller bathrooms.

Unfortunately,Small Bathtub Showers for Small Bathrooms Articles it is thought that a shower stall is the only option.  However this is not true.  Many people can enjoy a small bathtub.  Shower stalls are great for washing our bodies and is a necessity in our grooming.  Baths however, are for relaxing and are a luxury that everyone should have the chance to enjoy.  Originally people bathed upright cutoff empty barrels that were filled with water and had a stool placed inside to sit on.  The deepness of the barrel allowed the water to rise to the neck of the individual sitting in the tub.  By soaking and submerging the shoulders, the bathtub could address sore muscles and attack stress at its root.  Soaking tubs of today are based on the same type of design and concept. 
The small shower bathtubs take up less room horizontally and are a great option in a small bathroom.  Soaking tubs today are usually set on a pedestal where the sides of the tub are the traditional height but the bottom of the tub is sunken into the pedestal and go all the way through to the floor.  This allows for the depth while allowing bathers to enter and exit with ease in a small bathtub.  Shower stalls do not provide the same comfort.Older people, the disabled or anyone who wants an easy and safe way to enter a soaking tub, often choose the walk in bathtub.  Similar to the soaking tubs mentioned above, the walk in tub has a hinged door with a lock.  Bathers enter the tub by walking through the waist high door, then sitting in the tub.  The fear of slipping while getting in and out of the tub is dramatically diminished. 
One disadvantage to this tub is that the bather must be in the tub to fill it and must wait there for it to fill.  Opening the door will cause water to spill out onto the floor.  The same is true when the bath is completed in these small shower bathtubs.  The bather must wait until the bath is completely empty before opening the door to get out.  This can be annoying to those who are pressed for time or who might get cold sitting there waiting for the water to empty out.  A towel on hand and easily accessible is a necessity in this small bathtub.  Shower heads can be affixed to the wall for a shower option.Relax and luxuriate in your new small bathtub. 
Shower daily for the purpose of cleanliness, but pamper your body and mind with a comforting warm bath at least once per week.  Remember that alone time is the best time for rejuvenating and gathering your thoughts.  It can give you great insight and make the rest of your week more tranquil and serene.  Small bathroom, small shower bathtubs, big benefits.  Everything is relative.  Fitting your bathroom with a proportionate bathtub that serves your purpose is the best choice all around.

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