Small Bathroom Designs and Maintaining Them


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Maintaining a bathroom can be a great task however,Small Bathroom Designs and Maintaining Them   Articles it can also be your best daily achievement to see it clean and fresh. A good bathroom can accommodate not only your personal needs but also your relaxation and comfort. Some people consider their bathrooms as their haven to spend time to during lazy days while others take pride of their bathroom as their most expensive room in the house. No matter how small or tight your bathroom may become, extra care and attention is needed for it to give you back the comfort you need. It may be hard to maintain its cleanliness with your large family to use it every single day but you can perform the following simple small bathroom designs daily and weekly maintenance to somehow minimize the clutter and mess.

1. Wipe the mirror. Mirror can become extremely dirty due to every use. Brushing your teeth and washing your face can make the mirror accumulate dirt and feed up bacteria. To help maintain your mirror and other glittering bathroom items, make sure that you schedule a daily maintenance. Wipe your mirror at night when you are about to go to bed or when you wake up in the morning. This routine wouldn’t only help your bathroom breathe but will also give you a peaceful and more comfortable bathroom time.

2. Make sure that the floor is dry and clean. Tiles should always be clean and dry. Have a mop handy just to clean up the water spills on the floor.  Taking shower can also create a mess in your bathroom floor especially if door locks are not that tight. Scrub your bathroom floor once in a while using the powerful tools so you can entirely secure its cleanliness and health all the time.

3. Ensure that all toiletries are in their proper places. It is very frustrating to see those small shower and toilet items scattered everywhere inside your small bathroom. To prevent the mess, designate a small area for all your bathroom essentials. There are shower curtains with pockets that you can use to keep all these items in one place. Through that, you can minimize the clutter without occupying too much bathroom space.

4.  Keep away the odour. There are several bathroom disinfectants that you can use to minimize the odour. Apply them once a week so your bathroom would always remain clean and fresh-smelling. There are also bathroom deodorizers to back up your cleaning tools. Have an antibacterial liquid soap handy for your hygiene purposes.

So these are top suggestions of small bathroom designs maintenance that you can do on a daily or weekly basis. Make this your most important routine and enjoy a clean, sweet-smelling bathroom for a longer period of time.

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