Should it Be Reinforced Concrete Or Steel Frame?


Steel or Concrete

When designing a structure every owner, architect, engineer, and contractor should as the following question: should it be reinforced concrete or steel frame?…with steel in earthquake zones, it is typical to have large beams and columns to withstand building motions, or drift requirements, of earthquake. Many times, these requirements in seismic zones are more demanding than strength requirements of buildings.

Since that advancement of reinforced concrete system has advanced in recent decades, it can be said that, now, both steel and concrete can be used for structures in seismic zones; and, both steel and concrete have quality control problem-reinforced concrete or steel frame is truly the same?

Better Concrete

In Los Angeles, CA, a 23-story condominium tower having few visible beams and supports was developed. Its seismic capacity is 33% stronger than any other buildings around it. The explanation for such design was made possible by engineering research and high-reactivity metakaolin admixture, enhancing concrete strength above 12,000psi. So, materials in building of the structure should not be overlooked when deciding on reinforced concrete or steel frame.

“When you reduce the size of the square columns, you gain billable square footage,” said Edward Kirk, pre-construction project directory for San Mateo-based general contractor, Webcor Builders; this means, reinforced concrete or steel frame requires efficient use of material to built smart in seismic zones. It is better to invest in little more research and engineering to get more profits and better structures in high seismic zones, whether you choose reinforced concrete or steel frame.

Brick in Seismic Zones

Many can say that brick is not the type of material that you would want to use for your building in high seismic zones, but some owners have to have it. Despite the difficulty, Swiss architect by the name of Mario Botta was determined to have brick on San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. To solve the problem of brick being brittle and not a stable building unit, brick-faced precast panels backed by a moment-resistance frame were built. This method of brick building allows placement of complex geometric brick patterns, shapes, and sizes all into the precast assembly. After the manufacture of such “seismic panels”, push-pull connections are used to connect the panels to the building frame…

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