Shopping for a Corner Bathtub Shower


Thinking of a corner bathtub shower for your bath? Then this is for you. Never before have there been so many innovative solutions for corner shower tubs. With space saving designs and economical, yet durable, construction materials; now may be the time to add that corner bathtub shower to your bathroom.

Before you rush out and choose the corner bathtub shower of your dreams; only to be disappointed because it won’t fit in your bathroom space; let’s measure the bathroom first.  Measure the area where you will be installing your bathtub corner shower.Generally new corner bathtub showers are placed in the space where your current bathtub and/or shower unit is.  After removing the old unit,Shopping for a Corner Bathtub Shower Articles the new corner bathtub shower can be installed using existing plumbing. This can save you money.  Having a plumber reroute and install brand new water pipes can be quite expensive.  Any additional construction work necessary can add to this expense. It is recommended to avoid this and work within the current bathing space.
In order to take your measurements, have someone assist you in  measuring the surrounding walls and from corner to corner of the space.  Accuracy counts. You will be using these measurements to compare with manufacturer’s recommended space requirements when shopping for a  corner bathtub shower. 
When your space is smaller than the manufacturer’s recommendations you will know that it will not fit in your bathroom. 
No disappointment involved. You are ready to shop for your corner bathtub shower now.Corner shower tubs are actually two products put together to create a corner bathtub shower. 
You will be choosing a corner bathtub and a shower door kit to fit it.  When looking at specific corner bathtubs, see if a shower door kit is available to match.  This can save you some time and effort and usually design specialists have coordinated the corner bathtub and shower door kit together. A little free interior design help is always nice.  You certainly don’t have to choose that shower door unit if you do not like it. 
Check for other recommendations from the manufacturer or research options of your own.Two design options you will find for consideration when shopping are:
•    Recessed corner bathtub shower. Recessed corner tubs require the cutting of a hole in your floor and the tub placed within it.  The rim of the bathtub then extends above the level of the floor. These units are able to conserve more floor space than freestanding corner shower tubs.
•    Freestanding corner bathtub showers.  Freestanding tubs are placed on a platform that rests on top of your existing floor.  These offer a great deal of opportunities to add design flare in the necessary enclosure surrounding the tub.
After the tub is installed on the platform and plumbed; an enclosure of your choice must be framed and built to go around your corner bathtub shower.
You can build in storage under the enclosure for toiletries and bath products. There are so many choices to cover the enclosure.  Choices such as brick, stone, carpet, wood, and paneling and so on are available. If you can imagine it, it has probably been used to cover a corner shower bathtub enclosure.
Have fun with designing your corner bathtub shower.  Take your time and purchase a corner bathtub and shower door kit that will always be pleased with.

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