Setting Up the Feng Shui Creativity and Children Sector


The feng shui Creativity and Children sector is located in the western part of any room or home (between the sectors of love and helpers).

It is responsible for the success of your creative work and for the birth of babies. It can also help children. If you want to succeed in your creative expressions,Setting Up the Feng Shui Creativity and Children Sector Articles discover new abilities, have a baby, bring good luck to the life of your child, or improve your relationship with your children, you should try to boost the energy of this particular sector.

To activate this sector, you can use the following objects: posters, paintings, collages, photographs, images of children, and children’s drawings; artistic materials and tools (paint, applied arts); whimsical figurines and toys; objects in white and pastel shades; round, oval, and arched objects; objects made of bronze, steel, tin, silver, gold, aluminum, copper, etc.; quotes and sayings about posterity and creativity; homemade things, and pleasant memorable things from childhood.

For permanent activation of the feng shui Creativity and Children sector, you can place a metal piggy bank in this sector, and put coins in the piggy bank every once in a while. Another good symbol to use in this sector is a bell, which will bring joy and luck every time you ring it.

The following colors are preferable for the interior of this zone: white, golden, sand and silver. Use red in small amounts. In the interior, use metal shelves, frames or vases. You can also consider placing a round table or round chairs there. Another good idea is having plants with round or spherical leafs in this area.

This is the best area for creativity, where you can gain inspiration and success. Thus, try to engage in creative work particularly in this area of your home. Here, you can set up a work zone with all the necessary tools and materials. For instance, if you are an artist – you can put brushes and paint, and hang one of your successful paintings on the wall.

One school of feng shui, called the Black Hat School also recommends the use of certain affirmations, which will help you quickly reach your goals, as they will direct your thoughts. This school works with thoughts, to make them come to life. Please find some good examples of statements (affirmations) below.

“I express my creative abilities easily and happily. My creative ability develops freely. I am a talented and unique personality, one of a kind. My child is happy and safe. I happily support my child, helping them develop and express their abilities. I rely on my own wisdom and reveal my potential in all available ways. I am filled with sincere faith in my creative impulses and always give them the opportunity to come to life.”

You can think of any other statement that would fit your goals best, write it down and place it in the feng shui Creativity and Children sector. Prior to placing it in the sector, thoroughly read it and imagine that what’s written, is reality, and then it will come to you.

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