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Sarah Rossbach is a well-known author and Feng Shui expert. She has consulted a number of businesses,Sarah Rossbach – A Popular Feng Shui Author and Expert Articles private clients, and designers. She is a Manhattan native. Today, her books can be purchased through online bookstores, as well as brick-and-mortar bookstores.

From 1983 to 2000, Sarah wrote 5 books on Feng Shui, most of which became popular. Her first book was “Feng Sui – The Chinese Art of Placement” (published in 1983). At the same time, she was writing magazine and newspaper articles on Feng Shui for the Washington Post, the New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, and House & Garden. Back then, she was one of a few people who knew anything about this ancient Chinese notion.

Later she wrote four other books: “Living Color”, “Feng Shui Design “, “Feng Shui: The Chinese Art of Placement” (updated version), and “Interior Design with Feng Shui “.

In her books, Sarah Rossbach interprets feng shui and the insights of His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun – a renowned feng shui master. Sarah translates this Chinese art into easy to understand Western terms.

She studied Mandarin Chinese, which helps her to translate. She is largely responsible for bringing feng shui into the Western culture.

Sarah is a very authoritative writer. Her books have rich text and attractive photos. She offers a guide for understanding and learning to manage the energy flow, and using Feng shui as a tool for well-being.

Her book “Feng Shui: The Chinese Art of Placement” teaches about using Feng shui in design and architecture. Sarah Rossback interprets the notion of Professor Lin Yun, and offers advice on achieving harmony in one’s environment. The tips range from the building’s layout to furniture placement to interior design. These tips are for homes, offices, and public places; they can be used for any environment. These tips are designed to help achieve good health, happiness, and financial prosperity in today’s world. This book received good reviews from other publishers, including from The New York Times.

Her book “Interior Design with Feng Shui” concentrates on interior design for the most part. In this book, she explains the principles and history of feng shui, and discusses using it in homes, business environments, as well as in gardens. This work expands her earlier work – it has more information on color, and more illustrations.

Her book “Living Color” is an explanation of how color influences our lives. It can inspire or subdue, and make you fortunate or unfortunate. Here she elaborates on Lin Yun’s color theory, which is based on Buddhist tradition. Color is described for its benefits, as a cure, and life improving tool. First, she explains the philosophical roots of color theory, and then gives practical suggestions on using color indoors and outdoors to achieve a harmonious life. She talks about the color of food, clothes, and cars, colors for home, garden, and more. The tips by Sarah Rossbach can help you not just purchase a new sofa, get dressed for a job interview, and attract romance using colors, but also to achieve a harmonious and balanced life.

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