Richard Cayne, Meyer in Bangkok: When should you seek the help of a financial consultant?


Most individuals are of the opinion that the services of a financial consultant are only needed by high net worth individuals; however,Guest Posting this could not be further from the truth. Richard Cayne of Bangkok’s top-notch financial company Meyer International Ltd says that every individual who has a steady source of income and would like to create wealth or simply secure a better future for his/her family needs the help of a financial consultant. The job of a financial consultant is not just limited to helping individuals manage their wealth; rather it includes helping them manage their finances better as well as create a financially sound future for their loved ones.

One of the first and foremost instances when an individual would require the assistance of a consultant is if they are unable to take financial decisions on their own. Irrespective of status, Richard Cayne of Bangkok’s top financial consultancy says that most people fail to make use of investment vehicles and grow their wealth as they are scared of making critical errors. For this reason, they keep postponing their investment decisions until they realize one day that it’s too late. Richard Cayne of Bangkok further says that instead of dealing with such confusion and wasting time, individuals must seek the help of a professional, who will not only help them optimize their savings, but also show them how they can create a financially secure future for their family.

Individuals who are very keen on investing their savings, but are unable to zero in on any particular vehicle, need to the help of a professional consultant. Richard Cayne of Bangkok says that most individuals have their hard earned money parked in low-yielding schemes for the sheer fear of taking risks. A financial consultant, adds Richard Cayne of Bangkok, is a professional who will not only help you understand the kind of risks that are appropriate for your portfolio, but also acquaint you with a range of investment vehicles that fit your risk-taking ability and profile while making your money work hard for you.

Last, but not the least, Richard Cayne of Bangkok is of the opinion that financial consultancies are for everyone. Whether you are a salaried individual or a high net worth businessman, everyone dreams of a financially secure future for themselves as well as their loved ones. A financial consultant will first assess your income and goals, and then go on to advice you on the best possible investment schemes that can range from mutual funds to offshore investments and even simple life insurance policies.

Richard Cayne having lived in Tokyo Japan for over 15 years is currently Managing Director of Meyer International Ltd based in Bangkok, Thailand.  The Meyer Group of companies are part of Asia Wealth Group Holdings a publicly traded financial company listed in London UK.

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