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Bangkok tailors are great aren’t they?  What do you mean that you have no idea of what I am talking about.  Have you never had the delight of visiting one of the many Bangkok tailors to be kitted out for your own made to measure suit?  Personally I am no fashionista and I do not know art either,Guest Posting but I know what I like (not in your wardrobe – see what I did there?) but I do appreciate style.  I appreciate sleek lines and sharp curves and designs which are both elegant as well as flowing and thankfully all that is limiting me, besides my bank balance is of course my own imagination for what it is exactly that I want as the majority of Bangkok tailors can create what you wish and suit you up to your heart’s desire and it is all done and ready for you the next day.

This sort of service and quality would have been useful at my friend’s wedding recently.  Suffice to say we all bought off the rack clothes and with them being poor quality it rained and we all looked a mess.  We did think about going to one of several Bangkok tailors we had been recommended but my friend was adamant that we would be fine without them.  So we ended up arriving at the wedding in store bought soaked shirts and trousers and the overall impression was not a good one when everyone else was looking as new as a freshly minted coin in the pocket of a Versace suit.

We really were the laughing stock of the party but it served us right and we vowed that for the next event it would be Bangkok tailors all round.  There is nothing better than the superior quality and craftsmanship that you see in the finished design and then there is the fact that you can brag about your creation as you are the only one wearing it.  There are absolutely tons of designs to choose from that it takes me a good hour to decide what pattern and style I want and then there is the fabric, it really can take all day if you take enough care and luckily they are kind offer to keep offering free coffee and nobody turns down free coffee.

Many people say that men do not like shopping and whilst that may be true, especially when shopping for certain items something about the express and custom service you can only get from Bangkok tailors keeps me coming back again and again.  When I look at the designs in Siam Paragon I know that I can get just as good at my local tailor at roughly half the price.  So if you have never experienced or thought about purchasing clothes from one of the many Bangkok tailors then I strongly urge that you give them a try as you will be made to feel like a king (or queen) and that is something that no store bought trousers can ever replicate.

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