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If your sprucing up your home, have you ever considered the use of white as your main colour throughout your bedroom? It can be extremely versatile and give plenty of character to suit your personal taste.

As trends go for the bedroom,Pure White Bedroom Articles pure white is not normally considered; maybe the idea of it provokes thoughts along the clinical lines.  However, white is very versatile, from the designs of white bedroom furniture to textured fabrics, is far removed from the laboratory effect sometimes envisioned.  A few design tweaks and you could have a sumptuous bedroom emoting the feeling of romance and modernity in a white bedroom design.

The key is to decide if you want to go for a traditional look or if you are in favour of high gloss modern bedroom design, of course you could fall into both camps and integrate modern with a traditional twist.  But your first port of call is deciding on where your tastes lie, as this design trend is gorgeous and worth the effort to recreate in your bedroom.

This versatile design begins with the bedroom furniture you choose as this will denote the style, you have only got type in white bedroom furniture into a search engine to realise there is a great many styles to choose, from French elegance to modern high gloss white wardrobes.  For the traditional look, the white wardrobes will tend to have a paint effect on them and the gloss bedroom furniture will have a sleek and shiny surface.

Once you have decided on your bedroom furniture you then to plan your soft furnishings, if you have decided to traditional, look at blending greys and silvers into the look.  Toile fabrics can incorporate these into the design and add a soft dreamy feel to a white bedroom, perfect for when the sun is out and streaming through soft white voile curtains.  As the traditional bedroom has already got the softer lines from the bedroom furniture you do not have to add mounds of texture.  Adding little splashes of colour will contrast well with the white, you could add a white picture frame with a red image or a vase of flowers with a striking assembly of your favourite colours.

If you have chosen to go for the modern look, you will need to spend more time thinking about your textures, as they need to avoid being harsh, too much shine within the room can move it to the clinical side.  Ideally you should choose heavy texture such faux fur or velvets, these are ideal on cushions and throws.  The flooring also needs to avoid being to stark, so a textured mat would be best suited.

Far from white being a tired look, it is very versatile and suits any bedroom and by making sure you buy the right type of bedroom furniture for the style you are after it will make it easier choosing your textures.

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