Pet-Friendly Apartment Living


Check the Rules First

Before you move into your apartment with your pet, always check with your landlord and your city department first to see if there are any rules and regulations you have to follow. Some cities and municipalities have specific by-laws that may require you to leash your pet at all times or limit the number of animals you can have in one residence.

In addition, some landlords have their own “in-house” rules regarding pets (such as liability for damages done to the property by animals or rules concerning the health and cleanliness of your pets), while some still don’t allow pets in their apartments at all. Any rules about pets and apartments should be clearly outlined on your lease.

Choose the Right Pet for Your Apartment

Cats, small dogs and birds are well suited to apartment living. However, before adding a pet to your apartment, it is important to consider whether or not doing so is right for you. Especially for those used to living with animals in a larger house, some people may find that living with a pet in an apartment – especially smaller one-bedroom apartments – to be rather undesirable in the long run.

Caring for Your Cat

Most apartment cats become “indoor cats” by necessity. However, that doesn’t mean they’re still not interested in the outside world. An easy-to-install perch or ledge attached to the windowsill will give your cat a nice view of the world beyond your apartment. Also, remember that your cat needs plenty of exercise, and in a smaller living space, that means you’ll need more toys and climbing structures to allow the cat to act on its natural behaviours like stalking, pouncing, playing and scratching.

Devoted to Your Dog

One of the most important issues for caring for a dog is adequate exercise. Unfortunately, this can become quite difficult while living in an apartment. Without a big backyard to play in, apartment renters have to be sure to take time out of their day to take their dog for regular walks. As a general rule, any dog should be given at least two walks per day and a selection of safe toys to keep them physically and mentally stimulated while you’re away from the apartment.

Apartment Risks for Pets

Apartment buildings provide unique risks for pets and their owners. Perhaps the single biggest risk of living in an apartment for rent with pets is the chance that your furry friend will fall from the balcony or jump through a window. If you decide to bring your pet onto the balcony, make sure that your pet is secured with a harness and leash and remember to never leave your pet unattended. However, many owners prefer not to take their pets outside on the balcony at all – this option is perhaps the best approach for accident prevention.

Talk to your veterinarian about living with your pet in a high-rise apartment. He or she will help you to better understand the issues involved.

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