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When the name of Bangkok is uttered,Guest Posting what we remember first is its famous or infamous nights. Though Bangkok was famed for its abundant clubs, sex life and bars, the city is undergoing many changes in past some years and donning a more temperate reflection. Nevertheless the change is nice and the night scene is still passionate as it was earlier. Not considering of ealier or nowadays Bangkok was and is totally honest and pleasing and there is nothing offensive in getting the pleasure from Bangkok nightlife.   

Club Nights
In clubs in Bangkok you can have a chance to absorb into cool salsas to wild pink gay performances. Bangkok possesses an extensive weekly club scene for party lovers. 

Night Panorama With Cocktails
Bangkok’s real magnificence at nighttime can be realized when it is seen from a terrace of a bar. While you relish a cocktail on the terrace of one of the beautiful Bangkok hotels, the enormous expanse of the gleaming city astounds you more than ever. The most ideal instant to relish this majesty is late in the afternoon when the sun starts going below the hoizon on the gorgeous River Chao Phraya and the lights of the city start glowing. 

Katoey Shows
Thailand is world famous for its best-looking transgenders who are accepted largely by the greatly broadminded Thai civilization. Some of the Thais even consider that ladyboys are symbols of good luck. This approach was even manifested in some particular Thai films based on ladyboy themes. Also sex modification operation of Thailand is famous not only because of the high quality but also because of its reasonability in price. All in all ladyboys are quite indulged in Thai civilization and the transverstite nights play a significant role in Bangkok nightlife. Some shows also prohibit them from participating in performances after they go through sex change operation as they are precisely not katoeys any further. This rejection isn’t employed very stringently in particular if some of the guys is the most favorite of the audience. 

Go-Go Clubs of Bangkok
Bangkok still dons the past ill repute with its go-go bars where eye-popping shows of bikini-wearing girls are presented. One of the places is Patpong. Earlier this place was an hard line red-light sector. But owing to the proliferation of a more fashionable and more popular night market, nightclubs, gay street and bars, its disrepute has been nearly over. Liberal tourists treat the performances like any other shows like a drama and with a giggle and some overcharged drinks carry on next with their purchases in the night market or go to a nightclub. 

Bangkok Dinner Cruise Outings
Bangkok is beautiful at night. And when you gain an opportunity to enjoy an excellent Thai dinner commuting in a boat cruise on Chao Phraya River having the glowing city passing by the two sides, you should definitely get an experience of lifetime. Bangkok has ancient landmarks and remarkable structures. It is sprawling on the banks of River Chao Phraya. You can get the pleasure from the cruise outing by viewing the majesty of this pleasing city with the moon glittering in the sky plummeting its silver light in the river water and both the shores decorated with lights in the city filling in gold. In addition to this, you are provided the lip-smacking Thai food. 

Night Shopping
Bangkok is as famous for its night market as it is for its night scene. You can add this bazaar in your list of Bangkok nightlife experiences. You can gain some best deals here which will make you happy at the time of coming back. 

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