More Than Just Mowing: What A Landscape Contractor Can Do For You


When you think of a landscaper you probably think of a company that mows lawns,More Than Just Mowing: What A Landscape Contractor Can Do For You Articles trims bushes and weeds flower gardens. You may not realize that there are a variety of other services that a landscape contractor in Huntersville NC can help you with as well. In addition to lawn and landscape maintenance, here are some of the many things that a landscaping company can do with precision and professionalism.

Landscape design and installation. There are a lot of things to consider when landscaping any yard. The soil type and drainage are just as important to the placement of trees, plants and sod as is the amount of sun exposure. A professional landscape contractor in Huntersville NC has the knowledge and expertise to design a yard using the best plants for the place and the purpose. They can also help you design a water wise yard to minimize your maintenance costs. If you have a limited budget, a quality landscape contractor can help you design the yard of your dreams within that budget. If not, they may be able to come up with creative solutions to help you realize your dream in such as designing the entire yard up front and completing the installation in different phases over a number of years.

Hardscape design and installation. Of course, any good landscape design includes hardscape elements such as fences, walkways, columns, retaining walls, and patios in addition to softer elements. A quality landscape contractor in Huntersville NC can help you design and install these features as well. Hardscape features serve two purposes: they make your yard more visually interesting as well as protect other landscape features. For instance, a stone pathway will prevent lawn in high traffic areas from becoming worn out and looking shabby. Or an ordinary patio can be transformed into the focal point of an outdoor space by inlaying outdoor tile in the concrete to mimic the look of an area rug. This will also define the outdoor space and make it more functional.

Irrigation service. A landscape contractor in Huntersville NC can also provide expert installations on residential and commercial irrigation or sprinkler systems. They can trouble shoot problems and come up with innovative solutions make your system run more efficiently. With water at a premium in many drought ridden areas, this is especially important to keep your yard or garden looking lush and beautiful even in the sweltering heat. By hiring a full service landscape contractor to perform weekly lawn maintenance, they can also detect potential problems with your sprinkler system and repair them before the problem runs up your utility bill or causes costly water damage to your home or landscape.

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