Money Does Not Prevent You from Staying In a Boutique Hotel Bangkok


Boutique hotel Bangkok benefit from the estimated 16 million people who visit Thailand every year. Thailand’s income from tourism is believed to be around 7% of its GDP with an increasing amount of cash spent on boutique hotels. It seems as if tourists have had enough of the relatively low standard service they receive in large hotels. The fact that such hotels are always able to fill their rooms means that they have actively allowed their standards to drop in a bid to cut corners and make the hotel even more profitable. As a result,Guest Posting it is always the customer who suffers but now regular hotels face real competition from the rise of the boutique hotel Bangkok.

Lack of SpaceThe problem with most hotels is that they try and squeeze too many guests into their rooms. A lot of hotels are poorly designed with the result that their facilities are woefully inadequate. Busy seasons descend into chaos with mistakes made in bookings, overcharging and lack of service real problems in the industry. A Bangkok boutique hotel faces no such problems because they are designed to be as comfortable as possible. The level of facilities in such hotels is more than enough for the number of guests. Because there are usually around 15-20 rooms in a boutique hotel, overcrowding is impossible. 

FreedomIf you fancy a dip in a Bangkok boutique hotel (and one comes as standard) you will not be forced to share with hundreds of other guests nor will you be made to wait as space comes available. One of the biggest gripes that tourists have on vacation is the amount of time they waste on queues. As there are no queues in a boutique hotel, that’s one major problem solved! If you want anything from the hotel, there is guaranteed to be a staff member on hand to help. Boutique hotels know that their reputation depends on providing first class service and will do anything to ensure that they retain their good name.

A New LocationNo Bangkok boutique hotel understands this better than the Praya Palazzo. Although the Palazzo benefits from being in a fantastic central Bangkok location close to the Chao Phraya River, it still needs to provide incredible service to help it survive against rival boutique and chain hotels. The competition in Bangkok is intense and only the best hotels can hope to survive. The Palazzo was actually a restaurant several years ago and has only recently started accepting guests. In true boutique hotel fashion, the Palazzo has less than 20 rooms but is laden with facilities. 

You would be remiss to ignore the obvious charm offered by boutique hotels in Thailand. Instead of generic decorations where every single room feels the same, you will be treated to accommodation that is quite different to anything you’ve ever experienced. If you are on a budget, you no longer have to settle for a hotel room that looks like something out of an independently produced movie. The Bangkok boutique hotel experience is something that can be afforded by everyone. 

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