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Not so long ago, homebuyers were completely dependent upon their
real estate agents to tell them what was available in the real
estate market. Homebuyers had to express their desires for the
perfect home to their realtor and hope that the realtor accurately
understood. The agent would typically find a few houses that
might match the requests of the buyer and then would show you
those few houses in a day and hope that you would make an offer on
one. If you didn’t like any of the houses, you would have to
start again by spending an afternoon looking at a few more houses,
until you finally found the right one.

Now, there is no more guesswork necessary when buying a home. A
powerful tool which was previously coveted by professional
realtors, is available to you — the Multiple Listing Service or
MLS. Access to the MLS has opened a new avenue to you as a
homebuyer. Now, from the comfort of your own home, you can search
a huge online database for the home of your dreams. You can and
should look at houses in all price ranges and locations to get a
good idea of what is available in your local real estate market.

The convenience of using the MLS is unparalleled. You can
literally browse through thousands of online property listings
without leaving your home. In addition to the convenience factor,
the MLS cost you nothing to use.

The MLS lists specific details about each property, including::

General Information:

– Where the home is located and the area of town (NW, NE, SW, etc.)

– Square Footage

– Lot Size

– Number of bedrooms

– Number of bathrooms

– Year Built

– School District

– Directions to the property

– Taxes for previous year

– Deed Restrictions


– Cable Available

– Golf Course

– Athletic facilities

– Gated Community

– Personal Pool/Spa

– Horses allowed

– Horse Facilities

– Basement

– Number of Fireplaces

– Number of Garage Spaces/Carport Spaces/Covered Parking

Property Features:

– Style

– Construction

– Roof

– Flooring

– Appliances

– Fence

– Type of Landscape

– Views

– Extra Rooms

– Type of Air Conditioning and Heating

– Gas company

– Water company

As you can see, using the online MLS service lets you find out
everything you could possibly want to know about a property BEFORE
you spend your time looking at it with your realtor.

Imagine going online, specifying exactly what you are looking for
in a house, pushing a button and getting a list of homes that meet
or come very close to meeting your criteria.

You can even drive by the houses to see if they look good in
person. Then, let your realtor know what houses you want to see
and start looking!

You can learn more about how you can use the MLS listing [] to find houses that meet your specific criteria and get additional home buying help [] at []

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