Miami Is Seeing A Condo Building Boom


The city of Miami is a wonderful metropolis that offers the best of North And South American lifestyles and climates. The city’s diverse mix of White, Hispanic, African-American, Asian and European populations make for a culturally and economically vibrant region.

Located on the shores of Biscayne Bay, it is a famous tourist hotspot for both young and old . The real estate market here is a vibrant one too, and condominium units tend to be on the higher end of the property sector, where prices are usually high, however there has been a significant drop in costs among new developments.

According to the Florida visitor information bureau, over 74.5 million visitors came into Florida last year, and the condo market is seen as a ripe investment vehicle for both buyers of second homes or new housing.

New Developments Have Spread To Other Districts of The City

In very popular place like Miami, housing analysts forecast a scarcity of available areas for new developments, and as a consequence, the area’s condo market is now stretching into older neighborhoods and has even reached the peripheral areas of the metro. The downtown area has witnessed a boom in new developments, and the further expansion down into Miami Beach has widened the area’s upscale housing market.

New condo developers are now setting their sights towards working-class neighborhoods like Overtown, Little Haiti and Liberty City. These neighborhoods have been seen as popular alternative for those who wish to own a condo here, but could not afford to pay for expensive oceanfront properties at other upscale areas.

A Condo Shortage Is Seen In The Future

Many property market analysts predict a possible shortage of available condominium units in the near future. However, most are unsure of when that will take place. The increased surge in the development of new units has sadly turned the supply side into a glut of still unoccupied units. However, analysts don’t see this thing to stay for long, as new buyers have flooded into the market looking for bargains, and more developers are undertaking condo conversion projects.

Condos Give Residents Unparalleled Views Of The Ocean And The Beach

One of the best aspects of buying a high-rise condo unit here, is that these units give owners a lovely view of South Florida’s beaches and attractions. Most units here offer comfortable, spacious and luxurious amenities. . Many of the new units here give prospective owners a taste of what living in South Florida truly means. At present, there are many other beach front units that are seen as the perfect investment for any person of family.

In successfully locating the best units here, it would be best to start by visiting the city’s tourism and housing bureaus , so that you could get better info on the current market trends. Many say that now is the right time to buy one, as the current housing crunch has depressed market prices, and buyers could be surprised to see a lot of bargains offered on the selling block. – Miami Real Estate

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