Materials and techniques of decorative oil paintings


Decorative elements are very important in the western and oriental traditional paintings. The early Western tempera paintings originated from Byzantine religious paintings with a strong focus on decoration. Modern paintings such as a period after impressionism can be also found obvious oriental decorative style. Many Modern Chinese paintings imitated the national decorative arts and modern abstract style of decoration paintings.

The typical characteristics of decorative style paintings are to be simplified,Materials and techniques of decorative oil paintings Articles exaggerated or deformation processing based on realistic modeling. Performance practices more emphasizes the outline and structure and weakening of light. In color, take the fixed colors as the basis and mainly put the planarization process with comparative, intense and full composition. Because the decoration of painting is from many aspects such as the factors of white folk art, primitive art, religious art, children’s painting and traditional decorative patterns with rich resources and changes, so the decoration of oil painting style or decoration processing method have very big development space. The use of decorative style of painting materials and special techniques are particularly important, which sometimes has the decisive effect to the picture color and texture effects. For instance, in the style of decoration painting using a combination of synthetic material or texture in the basal layer processing can get twice the result with half the effort.

The use of different thickness textures of canvas or board, special paper or color foundation can also form a decorative sense. Some painters use special pigments to make special painting texture, such as adding beeswax and different particles in the pigment. It can also be painted in gold and silver background. The use of special pearlescent pigments, metallic pigment and metallic foil and other materials on the screen can make the color effect magnificent. Rendering techniques can not stick to one pattern to adopt various means, such as collage, drip or other special methods which use the oil and water phase to form the special color texture, style changes, and the use of blade. Special painting methods can help to form the decorative painting. Some decorative paintings can also be used as adhesive tape, ruler and paint with special tool materials.

The creation of decoration paintings should properly deal with the relationship between decorative and creation. The decoration of decorative painting is not equal to the simple decoration painting, while the former has a great decorative composition with a constant expression of spirit connotation, but decorative painting is pleasing to the utilitarian function which is far more than other factors. So if in the choice of over gorgeous materials and techniques applications without restriction to show off its ornamental, it can make a painting into a vulgar and cheap decorative painting. In reference to various traditional decorative art, it is to properly choose and improve to adapt to the performance of the content and achieve harmony in the painting.

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