Making the Most of a your Bathroom with a 48” Bathtub


Small bathrooms such as those found in apartments and older homes can be made quite contemporary by the use of a 48” corner bathtub.

A 48” corner bathtub is designed to fit into the corner of your bathroom.  Each side of the tub that goes along the wall is 48 inches long.   This means if you have a 48” (four feet) by 48” square of unused bathroom space then you may be able to install a 48” corner bathtub.
48” corner tubs gain space by being deeper and fuller than a standard tub. The additional tub space allows for complete immersion while soaking or having a whirlpool feature included when you purchase your 48” corner bathtub.  This may make a whirlpool available to you,Making the Most of a your Bathroom with a 48” Bathtub Articles when it was not before due to space limitations.
You will have the following decisions to consider before reaching a final purchase choice:
1.    Do I want a round front, angled front, or other shaped front such as hexagon?  The round front and hexagon shaped front 48” corner tub will take up slightly more floor space.  These two choices come out into the room a little more.  If space saving is your number one priority, then the straight front may be the 48” corner bathtub for you.  It has a front that is a straight line from corner to corner.  You will not have as much side ledge as the other two options, but the 48” corner tub with a straight front is compact.
2.    Recessed or Freestanding Platform?There are two types of 48” corner bathtub.  The first is a recessed 48” corner bathtub.  This type will recess down into the space under the floor.  This type may not be appropriate for everyone.  If you do not have the needed amount of space to sink the tub into; it will not fit in your bathroom.  If you are considering a recessed 48” corner bathtub; check the available space under your bathroom floor first.   The second type is a freestanding platform 48” corner bathtub.  This type of 48” corner tub is set onto a platform that sits atop your bathroom floor.  The tub is then enclosed however you like.  You can create a bathroom with style by coordinating your 48” corner bathtub, it’s enclosure and the rest of your bathroom together.
3.     What material do I want my 48” corner bathtub to be made of? Choices available are cast iron, Americlast (exclusively from American Standard Company), acrylic, fiberglass and a fiberglass/acrylic composite.  Each material has its benefits and features.  Check manufacturer’s description for more details.
4.    How many people will be utilizing the tub at the same time?48” corner bathtubs come in one and two person models.  The models have options for built in seats, back/neck and headrests, and recliner lounges.
5.    What colors of 48” corner bathtub would match my bathroom?Make this an early consideration due to variations in color availability from manufacturers.  If you have your heart set on a particular color, it may narrow down which manufacturer of 48” corner bathtub you need to look at.
Purchasing a new bathtub,  for most is a major one.  Careful consideration will ensure you choose a 48” corner bathtub you love.   

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