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Using garage storage systems is the latest in getting your garage organized. But how do you pick which system or products to use? Take a look at one of the companies that is leader in the industry, why they are a leader and some of the special packages that they offer to get your garage organized.

One of the most innovative companies when it comes to garage storage is Gladiator Garage Works.  They offer complete garage organization systems and products. From storage cabinets to work benches,Looking for Garage Storage Options? Articles to wall hooks and ceiling storage to garage flooring and appliances. Everything you could possibly need to not only get your garage organized, but also looking top notch.Gladiator prides themselves in their products and for good reason:

    • As already mentioned, they offer a complete system for your garage, regardless of your need. They give you a choice of full or partial wall coverage, with a lot of flexibility based on what you need to store.
    • They are very versatile because all of their products are modular. The wall slot garage storage system allows you to rearrange or add components are your needs change. Casters are optional on many cabinets so that you can move your tools with you as you work.
    • Gladiator garage storage cabinets are very durable. They are made from heavy duty materials that are built to last. This means the strength of steel with a sleek tread plate design and a durable powder coat finish. They also use oversize casters and piano hinges on their cabinets.
    • Gladiator has many of their products UL tested. This includes their hooks, cabinets and wall systems. Being tested by an independent lab gives you confidence that their garage storage products will hold the weight they are rated for, and in extreme temperatures.
  1. Gladiator gives your garage a unique style and uniform look. Their garage storage systems are rugged, stylish and easy to clean. Your garage becomes like another room in your house where you enjoy to spend time, not dread going out to when you need to locate something.

Another great thing about Gladiator, is they make it easy for you to organize your garage. Regardless of you activities or interests, they make it simple by offering special garage packages. These packages offer everything you need from flooring, to cabinets, to wall systems with the specialty garage storage baskets, shelves and hooks for your special needs. The packages they offer are:

    • Sports package which makes it easy to lace up, grab your gear and go. Includes plenty of baskets for holding sports gear and balls as well as shelves, a fold away work station and gear locker. And of course, a refrigerator for holding cold drinks so that you don’t have to go in the house when you are sweaty and dirty.
    • The Outdoor Activities package is similar to the sports package, but with some differences to make it easy to pack up and hit the slopes or the trail, regardless of the season. This package is set apart by the special hooks for storing outdoor gear, such as skis and bikes.
    • The Automotive package will make you feel like you have a professional shop. It includes flooring, and plenty of cabinets of different configurations for storing your tools. Cabinets come on castors so you can take your tools to your project for easy access. Workbench tops with power strips also come in handy.
    • If you love gardening, then the Gardening package is for you. Among other things, it comes with hooks and loops for hanging your tools, plenty of shelves for storing pots and other gardening supplies, as well as cabinets, a garage compactor, a work bench that is great for potting and a clean-up caddy.
  • Last but not least, the Home Projects package is great for the DIY person in your home. This garage storage package comes with plenty of hooks for tools, various cabinets, work bench with power strip, small item bins, stool, garage compactor and fridge.

So, if you are looking for a good looking and efficient garage storage system, look not further than Gladiator. With a little work, you will have your garage organized in a manner that is best suited for your lifestyle. You will never again have to go to your garage and stand there wondering where to look for your missing tool, racket or potting soil.

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